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When a loved one has an addiction problem it affects the whole family. Finding a drug addiction treatment center for a substance abuser that will take the person on an immediate basis is hard to find and this only adds chaos to the already chaotic situation that exists.

Provincial and territorial governments are responsible for the delivery and funding of drug addiction treatments in their respective regions in Canada. Although the government of Canada does assist with some financial aid under the National Anti-drug Strategy, it is still very common to find drug addiction treatment centers with waiting lists that can exceed three months.

A lot of rehabilitation centers will ask that the addicted person to come in sober for a few days and can go up to a week before enrolling into the drug addiction treatment program which just adds to the already existing life turmoil. There are solutions to this and we can help. There are many affordable quality drug rehabilitation centers which have no waiting lists throughout Canada.

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Canada Drug Rehab Centers and Programs

One would require a few hours to count all the drug addiction treatment centers that exist in Canada; each province has a certain amount of drug rehabilitation centers, some are private and others are government run.

These are the main types;

Some addiction treatment centers cater to adults, some to teens and others will be gender specific. Not all treatment centers have the same approach. Just to mention a few; the 12-Steps, group therapy, a mixture of 12-Step and group therapy, natural holistic drug treatment programs (helping the mind, the spirit as well as the body), and others are so different it would take an article for each to describe them.

Not all people do well on one specific drug treatment program. For example, some will do well on the 12-Step and some will not. Making sense of all of this is what we do best.

Canada Drug Rehabilitation Help

We are a small group of people offering confidential services to families and the addict who want to put an end to the situation. Finding a good rehab treatment program that will take the addict in as short as 48 hours is what we can help you with. We are referral counselors with experience in the field of substance abuse and recovery from substance abuse. We have a good knowledge of the different drug rehabilitation treatment centers in Canada and their respective programs. We can help you in the matter at hand.

When someone you know is asking for help with substance abuse they need immediately help. Can you really make someone who has a substance abuse or addiction problem wait!? If you or some one you know need immediate attention from an addiction center contact us today to find a rehab center in Canada no matter what province you are calling from.

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