Opiate Related Death
in Quebec

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It would appear that certain statistics have finally brought to light the dangers of opiate abuse in Quebec. Though anyone working in the field of drug addiction treatment or drug rehab centers would be able to conclude how dangerous it is to play around with dangerous drugs like heroin, morphine, oxys, and other opiates. But the recent investigation, as reported in the “Journal de Montreal”, has concluded the rise in opiate-related deaths in the province of Quebec.

The rise in Opiate Related Deaths

A study shows that in a bit over a decade the rise in opiate-related deaths has increased by 10% and peaked in number at an average of 136 to 140 deaths per year, enough to cause alarm. It is also noteworthy to mention that according to these studies it was found that Canada is the second country with the highest level of opiate consumption in the world. It is additionally stated that Quebec is the highest prescriber of Dilaudid and OxyCotin including other pain suppressors such as Tylenol and Demerol.

Prescription Pain Relief

But one should not think that all the deaths were from illicit drug abuse either, there are those people who with prescription drugs do not follow the ordinance or mix their medication with other drugs or alcohol. The most common problem with pain relief prescriptions is that first of all these are usually very addictive and next is the body’s ability to build a tolerance to the effects of such drugs. Anyone suffering from physical pain is going to seek out some form of relief and will discover that some drug will bring about a temporary relief to such unwanted physical pain, at least until the drug wears off than another dose is required but in some cases, the person will not follow the ordinance and will end up doubling their doses and even tripling it.

Opiates are intended to depress the central nervous system and respiratory system to aid the person to heal from some injury. Anyone who is abusing this use is tampering with the purpose and can cause great harm to their body. The age group noted in Quebec with the highest level of opiate-related deaths due to misuse of the ordinance was in the 50 to 64 age group. This is mainly due to the person’s intolerance to physical pain and wanting instant relief, physician unaware of the person on other prescriptions, or mixing two and more prescriptions. If the pain is not dealt with instantly a person will go to extremes to ease their unwanted condition, and have been known to buy pain drugs off the black market, this is now a drug addiction.

Family physicians and pharmacists should really think about their actions when advising to take pain drugs or prescribe Oxycodone or even Percocet, there are other ways to help ease someone’s discomfort, and these methods should be researched and supported. It is a known fact that the body is constructed from proteins, vitamins, and various minerals; it is unlikely you would find naturally occurring in the body the chemicals found in Tylenol, Percocet, or any other pain suppressor drugs.

A Better Canada

If we want a better Canada for future generations, attention should be focused on education, especially in the areas of, dealing with physical and emotional pain, philosophy. Educate people on other options and what natural solutions are available and possibly the opiate death rate will show signs of decrease and opiate drug use and abuse will be countered and a better Canada can be created.

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