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Looking for the best rehab centers in Canada for someone only adds to the existing situation the person generates. We understand and can help. We offer confidential services to families and substance abusers who want to put an end to their addiction. Affordable private drug rehab centres in Canada do exist.

No matter where you live in the country, finding a good centre that admits a person within 48 hours is possible. We work with you so you can have the best treatment that will work for you. For immediate help, call our toll-free number or request a callback.

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For Who?

Often, we receive a call from a worried parent, a concerned relative or a friend wishing to help out. We also receive calls from persons wanting help for themselves.

Regardless of who you are searching for, we can help find solutions.

Choosing the Right Type of Program

Canada Drug Rehab Centres & Options

Canada drug rehab centres are many. One needs to search the internet to see how many results come up. Some facilities are expensive. They offer more amenities and more luxurious surroundings. There is nothing wrong with wanting extra indulgence when finance permits. But when looking at it, a person doesn’t need a spa or massages to get their life back. All an individual needs is a good treatment program, one that will work for them. Sometimes a person might require a long-term program. In comparison, others may need a boost to curve their worrisome habit. In either case, we can help find solutions. Give us a call, we are there to consult and guide you to the best possible solution.

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Which Service is Needed

Choice of Treatment Programs

What is best for a person is based on the individual’s current situation.

Long-Term Programs

A person who has a long-standing addiction with years of abuse or a person who relapsed after a short-term program would both benefit from a long-term residential program.

Short-Term Programs

A person whose addiction just started spiraling out of control would be a good candidate for a short-term program. It offers a supervised environment with experienced staff.

Recovery Coaching

A unique service focused on learning and applying life skills to everyday life. It increases the person’s awareness and survival potential and helps them gain control over substances.

Our Three Steps

We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

We look forward to talking with you, working out some solutions, and putting your mind at ease. There are remedies to any problem, even those that seem unresolvable.

Here are the steps we’ll take with you.



The assessment is the initial interview, getting the necessary information to zero in on the best program for the individual.



We talk about which centre is a good fit. Once agreed, we put you in contact with that treatment facility.


Follow Up

The follow-up is done a few days after our referral to see if all is okay. If not, we further assist you in finding the right rehab centre.

Private Treatment Programs

Canada Drug Rehab Centres

Our referral counsellors have years of experience in the field of drug rehabilitation in Canada. Working with families and addicts alike are things we do every day, all day long.

Matching a person to the correct treatment method is also vital for recovery Well acquainted with various rehab centres in Canada with the programs they deliver, we are confident of finding a private facility to suit your needs.

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We have many years of experience. We are confident we can help you. You can fill our online consultation form, call us, or request a callback. The choice is yours.


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