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Crystal Meth Dangers

Crystal Meth Crystal Meth and its Dangers If you do not know what a Crystal meth lab looks like, maybe this may give you a bit of an idea. Picture a beautiful spring morning when you walk outside to get a good whiff of fresh spring air, and you receive a pungent dose of ammonia [...]

Through the Eyes of an Addict

Through the Eyes of an Addict Your son is abusing cocaine, your daughter is sniffing heroin, your wife is abusing her pain meds, and possibly your husband is polishing off a case of beer a day or 26oz of liquor. Maybe it is a close relative or friend who is smoking pot or crack or [...]

The bottleneck of subsidised Rehab

The bottleneck of subsidised Rehab I have been in the field of substance abuse, helping others since 1998. I have also struggled with my addiction to illicit drugs, including hallucinogens. I have also now been drug and alcohol-free for over 20 years. Throughout my career, I have seen almost every type of substance abuse in [...]

Dealing with an addict

Dealing with an addict You probably discovered substance abuse occurring with your son, your daughter, or your spouse. This recognition can also extend to close relatives, including friends of the family. Families and friends say they tried to talk to the person with little or no change. Maybe the person was rushed to the emergency [...]

Addiction; Viruses and Degrading Health

Addiction; Viruses and Degrading Health In such a time as this, where global attention is on the coronavirus, it’s appropriate to increase awareness on a similar issue such as addiction. When a person abuses illicit drugs or alcohol health is compromised. People falling ill to viruses found in colds, flues or similar illnesses have weakened [...]

Opioid Crisis

Will decriminalization handle the Opioid crisis? Well to answer this question it would help to know something about what the Opioid crisis or epidemic really is. According to various sources offered through Google alert news, there are reported statistics of something on the order of 10,300 overdose death related to opioid abuse between 2016 and 2018 [...]

A Drug Story

A Drug Story; The Addiction of a young lady When Lorie was a child, she was wonderful. She smiled and laughed, played with her toys, and made her mom and dad smile every day. She was good at school, had friends, and did well up to high school. Here things were a bit different. First, [...]

OxyNEO or OxyContin

OxyNeo This new form of pain relief is Canada’s solution to an addiction epidemic found with OxyContin abusers. Within the last decade, it was observed that OxyContin and Oxycodone, prescribed as an opiate pain relief for those suffering from some operation or injury, has been on the increase and has attracted the attention of Health [...]

Drug Substitution

Substitute Drugs for Addiction Treatment If you or someone you know is struggling with a substitute drug and wants help call 1 888-488-8434 and speak with one of our referral counselors. They have been in the field of substance abuse for many years and have followed the changes in addiction treatment and what is being [...]

Prescription Drugs Abuse

Federal Support for Prescription Drugs Abuse Prescription drug abuse is a major concern these days in our society, with many thousands of kids and adults now abusing prescription drugs. This only recently became a social problem that began back in 1995 when Oxycondone became available on the pharmaceutical market accounting for 90% of the US [...]

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