Carole Pelland

Marketing Advisor

Having worked in substance abuse for more than ten years, Carole has seen firsthand the difficulties addicts face with addiction. While working in a private drug rehab center, she was offered to help with the program’s marketing. She had the opportunity to work beside a Website SEO, who was top in his field. Having understood the fundamentals of website design and marketing of the internet and social media, Carole has become a vital asset in reaching thousands seeking help.

“The reason I’m happy to work with my colleagues is that there is a real need for families to have simple access to real and quick help. Many families and addicts call hotlines or helplines and either get a voice mail or get another number to call. I have seen personally how happy a family member is when one of our referral counselors actually listen. They listen to their situation, consult them, and then present options for recovery. I created and continue to enjoy working on Addiction Referral and Consultation Service website.”