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When searching for good Nova Scotia detox centers, it’s essential to know some facts about detoxes in general. Our experienced detox referral counselors can help you out, call our toll-free number. He or she will help get you guided to affordable detox programs most suited to your needs and situation. Some detox facilities will only monitor the period that the addict is not using mind-altering substances. A very limited way to detoxify from drugs or alcohol.

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Medical Detox in Nova Scotia

Some addiction to street drugs, overconsumption of alcohol, or medication abuse requires much more than just burning time away. Certain drugs require very close supervision and care from professional healthcare providers. Even heavy cases of alcohol abuse will need the care of medical staff to oversee their withdrawal stage. Many substances can cause severe pain, aches, and hardship on the person when withdrawing. One can expect tremors, shakes, disorientation, emotional curves, weakness, and seizures, depending on the amount and frequency of use. These and other side effects are expected when coming off certain substances.


Nova Scotia Withdrawal Management (Detox)

Help for detox for public-access beds in Nova Scotia is provided through two government services. First, are the Withdrawal Management and Wellness Program, offering a combination of detox and outpatient (day program). Your doctor or your addictions clinician can refer you for access to this program.

To be appointed to an addictions clinician, call 1-855-273-7110.

The Withdrawal Management and Wellness Program serve clients across Kings and Annapolis Counties.

Another Nova Scotia detox service is the Withdrawal Management Program. They help people with substance use and gambling problems. Referrals for detox at this location are processed through the intake phone number and reviewed by the psychiatrist after the intake interview. Contact is then made from this service for a scheduled assessment.

Located in Yarmouth Regional Hospital in Nova Scotia
Tel: 1-844-380-4324 (intake phone number)

Hours Daily: 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
If you need help after 4:30 a.m., please call 902-742-354

Private Withdrawal Management Services

Our detox referral counselors will assess the present condition and situation over the phone. This will help them propose the best options for safe withdrawal management. They will locate and arrange admission in a private detox in Nova Scotia or any detox across Canada if needed, with minimal wait time.

At this stage, close supervision and care will make the next step, rehab, easier. Making the detox program a good experience is a great step towards recovery.

Though sometimes there are no other options than public-access beds, looking into private with us is a free service. Get assistance today with affordable professional detox. Call us and see what can be done.

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