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Prescription pill bottle - Alberta detoxFor assistance in locating a good affordable Alberta detox center call; 1-888-488-8434. This will put you in touch with an experience detox referral counselor servicing Alberta residents. In most cases, when dealing with addiction, one of the first actions needed will be a detox program. This is usually the step before rehab. Anyone addicted to street drugs, or abuses prescription medications or alcohol will need to stop their use first. This is considered the most crucial step. As long as the person is still abusing mind-altering substances, there is no chance at recovery. If the step of withdrawal from drugs or alcohol is not adequate, the drug addiction counselors cannot help the person out.

Types of Detox

There are various types of detox, such as medical detox, *rapid detox, and **holistic detox. People abusing some prescription medication may need a medical detox as a standard procedure for detox. Others will need medical supervision, such as seen with heavy alcoholics. The rapid detox method, which is a questionable method, is not widely available in Canada. The holistic approach will help a person rid themselves of toxins by the use of nutrition and other natural supplements. In either case, it is always best to seek counsel from a detox referral counselor who can help guide you towards the best options for your loved one.

Immediate Action for Detox in Alberta – Resources

The right action would be to contact a professional for help to find an Alberta detox center. Speaking with a referral counselor will help determine the best detox for your situation. There are many free detoxes in Alberta, but will they get the results you want.

The product of a detox is that the person has the symptoms of having stopped the abuse and are ready to pursue an addiction treatment program. To get assistance today for affordable and professional detox for your loved one, please call us today.


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*Rapid detox: patients are put under general anesthesia and giving Opioid blockers to flush all of the opiates off the brain receptors.

**holistic detox: characterized by the treatment of the whole person, taking into account mental and social factors, rather than just the physical symptoms of the condition. Holistic treatment will replenish the body with nutritional supplements and healthy dietary foods.