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When a person you care about has a problem with substance abuse, what should you do? Most people don’t know. Drug addiction generates turmoil and anxiety, which only amplifies the issue. At the moment, it’s hard to think clearly. First of all, these are the choices in Canada; you have public or private treatment services. Unfortunately, like most community health care in Calgary, you face waiting time with public access. However, they are free of charge for the most part. There is a small cost to the inscription. Also, people who want to attend are often encouraged to seek government support, like welfare or disability, from which the centre takes a fee. No public access treatment facility offers withdrawal management or medical detox in Calgary, but hospitals give this part of the recovery process.

Finally, Calgary families should consider private drug rehab centres as a solution. They have fast admission time, and most offer withdrawal management, medical or not, as part of their treatment program. We specialize in finding rehab centers with the right program for that person and that are affordable. Our referral counsellors do not represent or work for any particular recovery centre but know what is available in Canada. Would you like to talk about your options? call our toll-free number.


Treatment Programs in Calgary

If your loved one is addicted to street drugs, prescription meds, or other substances, you most likely came across limited resources. Resources for immediate admission in substance abuse programs in Calgary are scarce. But it doesn’t mean that all is lost. With perseverance and determination, a person can enter a public access treatment program. A medical professional’s referral note can sometimes quicken the admission process. You have to call and ask questions. Also, not all areas in the province have long waitlists.

Choosing a private drug rehab center is always an avenue for Calgary. Private does not automatically mean expensive. Some centers will have payment plans. Others will help and accommodate people financially when possible. One of our referral counsellors can work with you to find a center best suited to your needs and situation. The call is free with no strings attached.


Calgary Addiction Treatment Centers – Private Services 

Private rehab facilities have good programs. Some centers offer a wide variety of treatment options. As mentioned above, quick and no-hassle admission process. That translates to no appointments nor waiting lists. It is worth looking into there are affordable drug rehab centers serving Calgary.

Our years of experience in drug rehabilitation and dealing with addictions of all kinds gives us an advantage on the subject. It would be good to mention that we are independent agents and do not represent any centre. There is no bias when you talk to us. We can help you determine what addiction recovery program is best for your situation and budget in Calgary.


Calgary Addiction Treatment Program – Referral Help

Our referral counsellor will help you find the best possible treatment center in or around Calgary or anywhere else in Canada, one that suits your needs and your situation. Over the years, our knowledge of the different private centers available around the country has grown. One of the positive things is that they will admit your loved one immediately. Help on the road to sobriety is available. Many private centers are affordable and very competent, so stop your search for a Calgary drug rehab center and call today.


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For a support meeting near you for someone else’s drinking, go to the Al-Anon Calgary website.