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Drug Rehab Private Centers

If you are looking for a Calgary addiction treatment center in the private sector but can’t seem to get anywhere, we can help. By calling our toll-free number, you will connect with a referral counsellor with many years of experience in the field. They can guide you to the appropriate addiction services that better suit your situation.

Addiction generates a lot of turmoil and anxiety and makes hard decisions harder. What should you do when a person you care about has a substance abuse problem? Most people don’t know where to start. We can help.

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Calgary Addiction Treatments Community Services

None of Calgary’s­ public access addiction services offer withdrawal management or medical detox. Hospitals have a few beds assigned to this task but do not offer rehabilitation. Someone wanting a community residential facility will have to detox first and stay clean until a bed frees up in a treatment center.

A person definitely must be perseverant and determined. Resources for immediate admission to a subsidized addiction treatment center in Calgary are rare. It doesn’t mean, however, that all is lost. A physician or addiction counsellor’s referral may help speed up admittance but not in every case.

Drug Rehab Centers & Private Services

The private sector has a short admission process. Most offer withdrawal management as part of their program. A few provide in-house medical detox or will refer you to another specialized facility. We find affordable treatment centers for Calgary residents who want a private alternative. Our referral counsellors do not represent or work for any particular recovery centre but know what is available in Canada.

Choosing a Rehab for Someone in Calgary

Choosing a private treatment center is always an avenue for Calgary residents. Private does not automatically mean expensive. Some centers will have payment plans. Others will help and accommodate people financially when possible. One of our referral counsellors can work with you to find a center best suited to your needs and situation.

 Online Recovery Coaching

Helping People – One at a Time

Treatment is always the main question when dealing with substance issues. Though one will find residential rehabs and other services in Calgary, one may feel their problem does not warrant such resources. Because this is a reality in the field, we decided to provide online coaching sessions. Our service is for those who want to regain more control or need assistance quitting altogether.

Whether the person is suited for this service would be at the counsellor’s discretion. These virtual addiction recovery sessions have proven to help recover control and give a new outlook on life. Our referral counsellor can give you more information and assess your illegibility over the phone.

Calgary Rehab Centers & Private Services

Private drug rehab centers are a good option for most people, with various program methods. As mentioned above, a quick and no-hassle admission process. That translates to no appointments or waiting lists. However, the treatment program suited for your situation might not be in Calgary. But we can help you determine what addiction recovery program is best for your situation and budget.

Addiction Treatment Calgary 

Referral Help

Our referral counsellor will help you find the best possible treatment center in Calgary or elsewhere. A center with a program that suits that person, your needs and your situation. Help to get on the road to sobriety immediately is available. Would you like to talk about your options? Call our toll-free number or request a callback. You have nothing to lose except a few minutes of your time.

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Finding Help and Support

For a support meeting near you for someone else’s drinking, go to the Al-Anon Calgary website.

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