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To receive help for a loved one in Morinville struggling with substance abuse, call.  Our referral counselors will take your call and help locate an affordable private treatment center. We understand the turmoil addiction brings to families, and we also grasp the intricacies of the addicted mind. We offer our consultation and our referral services to you, who battle with this issue. You will find our counselors friendly and courteous and, above all, very helpful. If you are looking for a Morinville drug rehab center and would like to hear options for private treatment programs, give us a call.

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Morinville Public Access Services

Many family members attempt to get assistance by contacting local Morinville addiction services. This often turns out to be either a dead-end or a series of never-ending interviews, lengthy admission and waiting. Unfortunately, it is the same situation across the province and pretty much from coast to coast. At Addiction Referral & Consultation Services, we recognized the issues and saw that Morinville families needed other options. Whether the drug of choice is alcohol, street drugs, or prescription medication, something can be done about it.

Addiction Referral & Consultation Services

When you reach out to our experienced referral addiction counselors, he or she will work with you in Morinville to find solutions. With a general assessment and substance abuse evaluation done over the phone, the counselor will have sufficient information to propose options. They will take the time to talk with you and give you some ideas of what you can do immediately to help that person. We do not work or represent any private drug rehabs in Alberta or treatment centers in Canada. This makes us unbiased as to the quality of a center and its program. Whether your loved one is in Morinville or not, something can be done. We do know one thing; waiting will just make things worse.

Drugs & Alcohol & the Person

When a person, in Morinville or elsewhere, is faced with an unwanted life situation with no solution for it, the issue remains. The person is now faced with living with undesirable emotions or physical pain. This unwelcome situation causes the person to seek out unusual solutions to bring relief. After failures to remedy, the person’s only resolve is to use mind-altering substances, including alcohol. The drugs numb out the source of the problem; it pushes it away, at least temporarily. When the drug’s effect wears off, the issue returns. This makes the person use more and higher doses to compensate for tolerance. Over time, sometimes sooner than later, the person becomes addicted to the drug.

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Morinville Drug Rehab Centers, Help & Referral

At this point, there is a new problem known as addiction, which can only be addressed by professional addiction counseling. Usually, the person will undergo a detox first and following this a residential drug rehabilitation program. The plus point in most private treatment programs you have detox and rehabilitation under one roof. It means fewer problems searching out detox services and then treatment centers.

There might not be a private center in Morinville, but we can probably find a center somewhere that will suit you and your loved one.

In all cases, this only works if you act to help the person. The one thing you can do is to contact an addiction referral counselor at the number below and look at the options. Just take the time and call; we are here to work with you and make recovery a reality in Morinville, no strings attached!

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