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For people in Olds Alberta, it’s uncommon to learn of some illicit drug bust. And yet one can find family or friends struggling with some form of drug abuse, pot-smoking, or medication overuse including alcoholism. If this is a problem for you and you are looking for an Olds drug rehab center, call. Our addiction referral counselor will help you find a private center.

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Addiction in Olds Alberta & Help

Olds is right on the Calgary / Edmonton corridor where illicit drugs have been traveling for decades. Often when a parent or spouse discovers a loved one suffering from drug addiction or alcohol abuse, their first instinct is to offer help. This sometimes gets the ball rolling in the direction of professional care. Though in our experience, more often, this triggers flight, rejection, and denial. In hopes of protecting their self-destructive activity from interference and their shame, this is the main reason for pushing you away.

Changes in Behavior

You probably observed your son, daughter or even a spouse tell you how it’s “not a problem” or “they can quit anytime” and “it’s not that big a deal.” Even adults who hide their abuse, whether it’s the hidden use of heroin or sneaking a gulp of vodka, it’s all denial and rejection of truth. In Olds like any other city, those living with substance abusers see it differently.

From your perspective, you see a person losing everything, work, relationships, finances, self-respect. But the substance abuser only seeks the next dosage and always to numb out underlying pain or discomfort.

Olds Drug Rehab Center & Solutions

But the real problem is not knowing about the issue but having the right solutions. When you speak with one of our addiction referral counselors, he or she can work with you. The counselor will listen and give guidance and propose options for affordable private rehab in Alberta suited to your needs. You may have tried the local treatment center and possibly received some information as to what you can or cannot do.

But most likely, you were left with the same problem; this is not the case when you call Addiction Referral & Consultation Services. Our purpose is to assist you in getting the first action to start the process. This includes knowledge of the problem, options for coping, and solutions for recovery.


Olds Drug Rehab Programs & Waiting

The only thing required from you is not to add additional time to the situation. Addiction will always take the person down a one-way road to destruction. But you can stop it; by making the call to us and start the process in Olds. Make the time, talk to a referral counselor for confidential and courteous aid.

We can get your relative into a treatment program across Canada. Residential treatment centers are the best and most successful ways for recovery from drug abuse or alcoholism. To locate the best option for your situation, give us a call.

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