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To get help right now from a good private detox or rehab center servicing Red Deer contact us. An experienced referral counselor will work with you and guide you to good affordable treatment options. So you can stop your search for Red Deer detox or rehab centers and call us today and call.

Addiction to street drugs, prescription med abuse, or alcohol can bring about great destruction to families. Addiction causes a behavioral change, emotional roller coaster, and mistrust.

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Red Deer Detox and Rehab Centers

You may find it very difficult to help a relative struggling with their addiction. This is where our assistance can be of use to you. A professional referral addiction counselor is familiar with the addiction services offered in Red Deer and Alberta. Their knowledge will help determine what treatment program is most suited to their situation and personal needs. We simplify by giving you the best options available that will work for you or your loved one. There are hundreds of different drug abuse treatment facilities, but not all are the same. 

Different Drug Rehab Programs

Red Deer has some addiction programs, but they may not be suitable facilities for your relative. Many of these will be public access treatment centers. These types of centers have thorough screening and assessment protocols. Most people face a long waiting list with several different appointments. And it may not be the right program for you or the person you want to help.

Our referral counsellors work with various private residential rehabilitation centers servicing Red Deer residents. Some specialize in opiate addiction, others in alcohol. Some private centers have medical detox, while others will offer only standard withdrawal management. Our Counselors will help you find an affordable treatment center in Alberta or your best option for a detox and drug rehab center in Canada.

Detox and Rehab Red Deer

The Right Service

The degree of addiction determines what treatment option a person needs. When an individual still functions and drugs or alcohol have not taken over, an addiction counsellor or an outpatient program can be enough. Not every drug user needs the assistance of a residential treatment program.

We started offering an online coaching service for that type of case during the pandemic. It is a one-on-one service with a Drug and Alcohol Treatment Specialist in the comfort of your home in Red Deer. If this service interest you, you can find more about it here

A person gets Increased understanding and control with this program. Read what people say about our coaching service.

 Addiction recovery coaching sessions.

Helping Someone Achieve Success

A Red Deer detox may not be enough. Overcoming addiction demands a great deal of self-control and determination. Detox, whether medical or otherwise, is only a stopping period. But, people use mind-altering substances for a reason: the Achilles heal. Working on one’s life and determining the triggers is too important a process to ignore. Helping someone achieve success should also include a rehabilitation program.

Red Deer Detox And Rehab Center

Guidance and Referral

When you call our toll-free number from Red Deer, our referral counsellor takes the call. It is confidential and friendly. Here are the three basic steps we will do with you.

First, our referral counsellor will ask questions about the person and what is presently going on in their life. Doing this helps to assess the degree of addiction. At this point, you will be able to ask your own questions. Second, with this information, our counsellor will see what treatment program in Alberta would suit your needs and put you in contact with them. And third, they will follow up on your call to see if you are satisfied with the chosen treatment center. If not, they will find another one for you.

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1 888-488-8434
Toll-free Number

To find assistance for yourself for some’s drinking, go to the Al-Anon Alberta website, or if you have someone who has a drug problem and you need support go to the Nar-Anon website to find a meeting near you.