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Drug Rehab BC – Private Services

Our referral counsellors have years of experience helping families, and the addicted find affordable solutions for sobriety. Helping a loved one overcome addiction is not always easy. We know. The situation worsens when public access addiction services have long waitlists.

We suggest looking into private facilities if you are searching for treatment centres in BC with immediate admission. There are several private rehab centres in British Columbia; some are expensive, others are not. We can help determine the most adequate service for the person you want to help.

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Public Access & Admission Length

Most facilities base their program on the 12-step method in the public sector. Many can find success with this treatment type. A referral from an addiction counsellor or a medical professional can make admission faster.

Not all private centres use the same approach. A positive note is that one can choose a facility with the program that suits the person. And this is essential. A centre program should consider a person’s beliefs and lifestyle. Another plus is that admission is close to immediate. So, if not already decided, think of private rehab centres in BC or elsewhere as an alternative.

Drug Rehab BC & Another Option

Online Addiction Recovery Coaching

For some, attending addiction treatment in BC seems excessive because they haven’t lost control over their substance use. They may feel it is getting out of hand but still have power over it to a certain extent. People may recognize them as a social drinker or recreational users. But they may fall into the functional addict category.

Such a person may want to get more control or quit successfully. We offer a service that might be just what is needed. It is called “Online Addiction Recovery Coaching.” A person can receive online coaching sessions from the comfort of their home in BC.

From these structured sessions, a person increases their understanding, strengthens control, and gives a new perspective on life, as attested by those who got the sessions. However, this service does not replace a physician’s advice or a standard residential drug rehabilitation program when needed.

What to Expect When you Call Us

We are independent referral counsellors. That is, we don’t represent any facilities. We work for the family and addicted person. This gives you the advantage of having non-biased information on detoxes or rehab centres.

When you call, our counsellor does a general assessment of the situation and determines the degree of addiction. With this information, they can give you options for treatment. We then connect you to the rehab that is right for your needs and financial situation.

 No one wants to be an addict.

Drug & Alcohol Rehab BC – Addiction

No one wants to be an addict; the majority were not born with substance abuse, and they were not hoping to become one growing up. This statement may sound sarcastic, but it is nonetheless something to keep in mind.

An addiction always starts with an unwanted issue or an unwanted feeling. And the person does not know how to deal with it. Usually, the event was unfavourable, and the person could not efficiently deal with it. It became an unwanted physical or emotional condition with no solution.

Sooner or later, a person discovers that the substance, no matter which one it is, will temporarily mask this condition, at least until it wears off. Once the person comes down, more is needed. Soon a new problem arises; addiction. Hence the search for a drug & alcohol rehab in BC.

British Columbia Addiction Problem

Statistics indicate that if every person with a substance abuse problem were to check into a local drug addiction treatment BC, there would not be enough centres to service them all. But this is not news to most British Columbians. The province is often front page because of its drug problem. On April 14, 2016, the government declared a public health emergency under the Public Health Act because of the rise in opioid-related deaths.

After alcohol, marijuana is the most used substance in British Columbia. Approximately 40,000 British Columbians are addicted or dependent on a mind-altering substance. It is a known fact that British Columbia’s drug addiction problem is serious and grows yearly. Living with substance abuse is complicated. It’s difficult on the addict and family members, co-workers, friends, and society.

Treatment Centres BC – Help

If you or someone you know has a dependency issue, contact our referral counsellor today. They can help manage the situation you are living in and get that person you care about into a treatment or detox centre in BC. Our referral treatment specialist have many years of experience with substance abuse and are knowledgeable about the drug addiction treatment centres in BC.

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