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If you want help right now with a close relative’s drug problem and require an affordable private drug rehab servicing Abbotsford BC call our toll-free number. An experienced referral counsellor is standing by to take your request. He or she knows the stress and destruction that addiction to substances like heroin, cocaine, and other opiates like prescription pill abuse can cause. So your search for an Abbotsford drug rehab can stop here by calling our referral counsellors.

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Private Drug Rehabs Servicing Abbotsford

Our purpose is to help you find the most suited private program available servicing Abbotsford. There are factually hundreds of addiction treatment programs across the country, but not all are the same. Some are limited to four or five beds, and others can take up to thirty or more addicts at any given time.

There exist also a variety of addiction treatment approaches to deal with someone’s substance abuse problem. Locating the best program suited to your particular situation and needs is what we do. Let us be part of the solution in getting you serviced in a fast and caring efficient manner.

Drug Rehabs in Abbotsford

Our present society has become a chemically dependent society, from prescription meds to illicit drugs; the miracle pill has become the modern plague. The solution is having affordable treatment to help those who have become victims of such destruction. Local Abbotsford drug rehabs are usually full and have a set addiction treatment program.

Addicts are Individuals

Each addict is an individual first, and each will have some personal underlying cause to their substance abuse. Private programs are tailored to your needs. Most private centers will not only have a more personalized environment, away from the institutional atmosphere but will also cater to your issues.

They usually include detox services, either regular detox or medical detox. In many cases, the drug and alcohol level of abuse will require a medically supervised detox. Our referral counselors know where the different types of detoxes are and their care level.

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Abbotsford Drug Rehab Referral & Private Centres

For help contact our Abbotsford drug rehab referral counselor to assist with private detox and treatment programs servicing Abbotsford residents. Don’t put it off any longer; in our experience, addiction does not take time off; it only gets worse.

You don’t want to get the dreaded phone call from the hospital or police station that your son or daughter has overdosed or been arrested, or worse. Make a decision now; stop putting it off.

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Here are some Abbotsford drug rehab centers

Peardonville House Treatment Centre (Women Only facility)
825 Peardonville Rd,
Abbotsford, BC
V4X 2L8

Teen Challenge, BC (Women Only center, 12-month program)
4131 Lakemount Road
Abbotsford, BC
V3G 2J1

If you need support concerning someone else’s abuse of alcohol, visit BC 211’s website or drugs misuse, visit Nar-Anon BC‘s website.