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Private Alcohol and Drug Rehab for Surrey

Are you looking for drug or alcohol addiction treatment in Surrey? There are two avenues from which to chose. There are public access services or community services, and there are private drug rehab centres. Community recovery centres have a waitlist, especially in urban areas that can be several weeks long.

The other option is the private sector. There are affordable drug and alcohol treatment programs available for Canadians. A family should not overlook this option for several reasons. One, there is no waiting time, and two, there is one-on-one personal care you might not find in a public treatment centre.

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Surrey Addiction Treatment – Public Centers

As a parent, finding out that your child is struggling with some form of mind-altering substance can be a disheartening affair. Most will not know what to do. Many parents in Surrey and elsewhere call the local addiction services. This action may be a step forward, but the urgency of the situation is often not recognized. Families find themself in a position where they need to wait for a bed to become available. Calling and informing yourself if a faster admission is possible with a referral note from a doctor or addiction counsellor.

Surrey Treatment Facilities – Private Sector

A waiting list is rarely found in a private drug or alcohol treatment facility. Their understanding of the urgency is another reason why families in Surrey should consider private rehab centres. In some circumstances, there could be a waitlist, but usually private centres do the intake within a day. Many are affordable.

Helping the addict get help

When you are working on helping someone get to rehab, there is always a danger in waiting. Adding time will only increase the chances of relapse or overdose. Some people will believe and convince their families that they can quit on their own.

In Surrey, drug and alcohol addiction are serious health issues. They necessitate experienced one-on-one addiction counselling and a secure environment. It is also vital to have a program the person can relate to, one that matches their convictions. Also important is a comfortable setting, especially since the person will spend several weeks there. Our counsellors can help find the right drug or alcohol recovery centre that is best suited to your situation.

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Surrey Substance Abuse & the Right Treatment

In Surrey finding the right rehab centre to help your loved one can be difficult. It is hard no matter where you live. There are many different approaches and types of centres. Knowing which will work best for your loved one is where our referral addiction counsellors can help. We have referred families to a wide variety of drug rehabs across the country. We do service all of Canada, from coast to coast. We also are independent agents.

We do not represent any particular facility. Our recommendations are unbiased; we work for you in Surrey.

Substance abuse doesn’t take a break; it always worsens. You don’t want that dreaded phone call from your local police or rush out to the emergency or worse. Our referral counsellor can guide you to good affordable private alcohol and drug rehabs. So, you don’t have to search for a Surrey drug rehab centre on your own, give us a call today.

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To get support for yourself concerning someone’s drinking, find an Al-Anon meeting near you. If it is for someone’s drug use, find a Nar-Anon in BC.