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You are looking for a Colwood drug rehab center to get professional addiction services for a loved one. We understand the substance abuse and the turmoil this can generate for families—Call 1-888-488-8434 to speak with one of our referral counselors today. Find out what private services are available across BC. There exist a good variety of affordable detox and treatment programs to serve you. The most vital step in dealing with any form of substance abuse is to talk with someone in the field.

Colwood Drug Rehab with Public Access

In Colwood, many family members discovering a loved one struggling with drugs contact their local addiction center or family physician. Most community substance abuse centers have clerks to inform you of the procedure and referral desks to suggest facilities. Unfortunately, many public access centers have a waitlist. The family physician does not have the knowledge to deal with addiction and tends to refer to a specialist in the field. In other words, neither resource can bring immediate help.

Our Service to You in Colwood

Addressing addiction to street drugs, and other substances require professional addiction counseling. Our referral counselors developed contact with a wide variety of private detox and drug rehabs in BC and across the country. The process begins with a call. Then a general assessment of the current situation and a substance abuse evaluation permits the counselor to guide you.


Help for addiction In Colwood may be limited. But there are other options. Take the time and call our referral counselors. Their expertise in the field of substance abuse and treatment options are available to you. You must understand that a person who is struggling with drugs or alcohol is doing so for a reason.

In most cases, the person had a good childhood even as a young adult, everything was fine. But at some point in life, the person faced a difficult situation. This is as varied as there are people with addiction. It could be the death of a close relative, loss of a job, an abusive relationship, trauma, or anything in between.

Dealing with these painful moments is part of life. Where a person lacks the know-how or the skills to deal with it, the pain lingers. The person seeking relief finds something that numbs out that pain. Drugs and alcohol are numbing agents. They temporarily numb out the source of pain, either emotional or physical. But this is only as long as the effects of the substance last. Once it wears off the unwanted pain returns and requires more and higher dosage to bring relief. The result is always dependency or addiction.

Colwood Drug Rehab, Help & Consultation

We can help with your search. Let us work together and find the most suited detox and treatment program for your loved one. We are confident we can find a private treatment center in Canada to serve you.

For Colwood, help is a phone call away, do not wait for things to get worse. Call a counselor today.




If you are looking for public access services, visit BC Health.