Comox Drug Rehab – Private Treatment Center Help

At Addiction Referral & Consultation Services, you can find affordable private detox and rehab that service Comox residents. Dial 1-888-488-8434 to speak with a referral counselor today. Our experienced referral counselors are available to work with you by giving you options to fast admission and help. You discovered that the community detox and treatment programs in Comox have a somewhat lengthy waiting list or a complicated intake procedure. This does not need to happen when looking for a Comox drug rehab center.

Comox Drug Rehab Centers & Waitlists

One thing is clear when someone reaches out for help with their substance abuse; it’s essential to act fast. Unfortunately, waitlists are common in cities and provinces across the country. We disagree with this and propose options in the private sector as an alternative solution. One can find good affordable private detox and treatment centers in BC or elsewhere as needed. You should not have to wait for aid when a loved one struggles with illicit drug abuse or alcoholism.

Help & Denial Rating Scale

You may have already begun the process by speaking with your daughter, son, or spouse in Comox. This may have resulted in a less than appreciative attitude on their part. Most addicts are under the constant influence of the chemical substance and are somewhere on the scale of denial. This can be summed up as a scale of reality and, at the lowest level, will be found the person Unresponsive. Followed by Disagreement, next is Indecision and ending with Agreement with reason. Your love one is somewhere on this scale, and you can work on it. They can come up with where he or she agrees that they need professional help.

Addiction & Change in Behavior

In the private sector, you receive personalized service. Usually, there is more one-on-one addiction counseling and a host of services you may not find in the public sector. Our referral counselors have years of experience in the field of drug and alcohol abuse. They worked with addicts and aided countless families in Comox and elsewhere, find hope and peace of mind. Addiction to street drugs, medication, or alcohol causes damages. It not only harms the body but one’s mind and personality as well. Mind-altering substances are accountable for the drastic change of behavior in the person you love.

Comox Drug Rehab

One thing is sure, the longer you put off treatment, the worse it will get. Often, we hear of a relative waiting too long and discover they are now incarcerated or recovering from an overdose. You have the power to change a lifestyle in Comox. The simple fact of calling our addiction referral counselor to discuss options is an action in the right direction. We are not here to tell you what to do, but rather give you understanding so you know what you must do. Addiction will not stop unless acted upon. Let us work together and cause some positive change. Take a few minutes and call; we can find the treatment program in Canada that is right for your situation.