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You want to help a relative that is struggling with some form of substance and not finding the help you need. Calling Addiction Referral and Consultation Services can be the service you need. Dial our toll-free number to speak with an experienced addiction counselor. They specialize in admissions to affordable private treatment centers. If you’re looking for a Dawson Creek rehab center in the private sector, we can assist.

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Dawson Creek Rehab & Treatment Programs

Finding the appropriate private center is as important as the decision to get help. There exist a variety of treatment options in the field of drug rehabilitation for Dawson Creek. You can search the internet and find hundreds, even thousands of sites that propose help. But is this the best treatment program for my child or my spouse? What makes a drug abuse treatment facility better than another? In fact, many questions should be asked about any center.

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Addiction Referral & Consultation Services, What We Offer

Our referral counselors will provide the needed information on addiction to illicit drugsmedication abuse, and alcoholism. They have worked in the field of substance abuse for over two decades. Our counselors have vital information about available solutions for Dawson Creek. They will support and guide you to options that will help your loved one. In speaking with one of our counselors, he or she will do a general assessment of the present situation and a substance abuse evaluation. From these, the referral counselor will propose options to affordable private treatment programs in BC, suited to your loved one’s situation.

Dawson Creek Drug Rehab Community Treatment Services

When searching out a Dawson Creek treatment facility for your child or spouse, there are only two avenues. First is the free community programs. These will generally run a 12-step program. Usually, a physician referral is required, and a detox is often mandatory before any counseling. Detox can take a week or two, and then the person is put on a waiting list for treatment. In most cases, there is a minimum daily cost in public treatment programs.

Private Centers & Dawson Creek Rehabs

In the private sector, one can, if you chose, enter the same day or within a day or two after the initial phone call. The cost is out of pocket, and treatment programs vary significantly from one center to the next. The price also varies from one center to another. Many are much less expensive than the purchase of a car. Most private treatment centers in Canada have detox integrated into their programs. These centers will have twenty-four hour personalize care.

No matter what road you choose, don’t wait to seek help for a relative struggling with some form of substance abuse. Time added will only worsen the condition. If you live in Dawson Creek, call Addiction Referral & Consultation Services today. Get guidance and proper referral to a treatment center suited to your needs and situation.

To find support for yourself concerning someone’s drinking, go to Al-Anon‘s website for a meeting.

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