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Getting help with a Duncan drug rehab is only a phone call away, dial our toll-free number. Speak with an experience addiction referral counselor who can offer options for affordable private treatment centers servicing Duncan residents. A referral counselor is a person who has worked in the field of substance abuse, which helps others achieve sobriety. Knowing a variety of private addiction treatment centers, they can help you find the right private center.

We have helped a large number of family members in Duncan by offering solutions towards sobriety for their loved one. We recognize the issues at hand. We understand your concerns. Dealing with a son or daughter who is addicted to street drugs or abusing medications, even overdoing alcohol is hard on everyone. But you’re not alone, our referral and consultation counselors want to help, bring hope, and guide you to acceptable solutions.

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Addiction Referral Counselor Help

How can an addiction referral counselor help you and your loved one in Duncan? First, we understand what you’re experiencing with a person abusing mind-altering substances. With drugs and alcohol, the situation complicates due to the behavioral alteration affecting the person. This gives the impression that addiction is a very complex and confusing issue. Our referral counselors are in a position to bring some simplicity to this situation. When you understand the fundamental issues surrounding substance abuse and its side effects, you are in a better place to address the problems. Conveying our understanding of the subject, we wish to bring you into a state of mind that will permit a decision to help that person. Call us to find a British Columbia drug rehab center.

Private Drug Rehabs Servicing Duncan

In British Columbia there exist a wide range of public-access and private drug rehabs. We at Addiction Referral & Consultation Services offer our experience, and we strongly suggest you consider the private sector. The reason for this is the care level, personalized treatment, and service orientation.

Not all private drug rehabs are costly. A good number of them are affordable to the average Canadian. The private facilities will often propose payment options. And there are services such as Medicard and other similar health financing organizations that can assist. Your loved one should receive a higher standard of counseling and assistance to recover. Though Health Canada does provide services for Duncan and across BC, they have waiting lists and may not be the right fit.

Duncan Drug Rehab Services

The city of Duncan does not have residential treatment centers. The Hiiye’yu Lelum Society provides a central facility where counseling, information, and referral services are available and where meetings, educational and recreational activities can take place. Hiiye’yu Lelum Society telephone (250) 748-2242

The provincial residential drug rehab centers are located on the mainland.

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Get Help, Duncan Drug Rehab

One can talk about addiction and its effects without any change in the situation. The only real way to do something about a person’s addiction is to act. You can’t just expect the condition to go away suddenly. But you can do something about it. If you are looking for a Duncan treatment center with immediate admission, we may be able to help. We refer to rehabs across Canada.

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