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To speak with an experienced referral counselor, dial our toll-free number. They will consult, service, and guide you to suitable private drug rehabs servicing Esquimalt. You can continue to search and hope to find the right treatment center by yourself, or you can call us.

Our counselors have been in the field of substance abuse and rehabilitation for nearly twenty years. They work directly with addicts and families to bring hope and peace of mind to anyone suffering from mind-altering drugs. So, if you are looking for an Esquimalt drug rehab center in the private sector, give us a call.

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Esquimalt Treatment Programs – Private or Public

It’s one thing to have a relative ask for help and another to fill that request with the right solution. Often, families will turn to local addiction resource centers. This may or may not be helpful. As seen across our country, most public centers in the Esquimalt area, tend to have a long waitlist. Also, with many forms, stipulations, and prerequisites, the person can lose hope.

Our Service to You in Esquimalt

At Addiction Referral & Consultation Services, we have knowledge of affordable and reputed private recovery centers across Canada servicing Esquimalt. We ensure that these private facilities offer proper detox, treatment programs with addiction counseling, and support for special needs. This means you do not need to guess. We will connect you to the treatment center in BC or somewhere else most suited to your loved one’s needs and situation.

Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Oddly enough, there are certain vital factors to know about addiction. The fact that your son, daughter, or spouse is abusing some substance is the first datum. Drugs and alcohol are poisons; they are not standard stuff for a healthy body. This may seem obvious to most, but people who abuse them do so for a reason.

Typically, at first, the person is simply having difficulty with some life issues. This can be emotional or physical but still somewhat painful and unwanted. Drugs or alcohol bring momentary relief by numbing the problem. Soon it all returns, so more and larger doses are used, with their addictive nature, addiction can occur.

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Esquimalt Drug Rehab & Detoxing

Another factor to know when someone suffers from addiction is that it won’t just go away. Many have stated that they can stop on their own. Those that have succeeded were light users and incredibly determined. Most fail after the first few days of withdrawal.

Also, serious issues arise during withdrawal from certain drugs or heavy alcohol abuse and can become life-threatening. In this instance, we suggest a medical detox by professional health care providers and a treatment program for a full recovery.

Esquimalt Drug Rehab – Help with Private

Another factor is that you cannot put this on wait. The faster you reach out to our referral counselors, the better the chance at sobriety. To get the process started in Esquimalt, just call us, and our counselors will promptly take your call and get you on the road to a drug or alcohol-free life. It’s what we do.

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