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Private Drug and Alcohol Treatment

Searching for a Kelowna drug rehab center does not have to be a daunting task. Addiction Referral and Consultation Services can help refer you or your family to some of the best private treatment centers in or near Kelowna.

The initial assessment with our experts ensures you or your loved one are referred to treatment that works and is the best fit.

Substance use treatment should be well-rounded and focus on detox, therapy, and aftercare support. Depending on the severity and type of addiction, this could be outpatient therapy, short-term residential, long-term rehab, or medical detox.

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Alcohol Treatment Kelowna

Alcoholism is a common drug problem that affects people from all age groups. Alcohol addiction is often part of a more significant drug problem, or it stands on its own as a mild or severe addiction.

ARC Services can help you or your family find quality alcohol treatment in Kelowna or nearby. Treating alcohol addiction requires a thorough process involving detox, therapy, and extensive aftercare support. However, this all depends on the severity of alcohol addiction.

When considering alcohol treatment in Kelowna, it is good to consider an assessment that ARC Services can provide. Our experts will refer you or your family member to private medical detox or clinical detox centers and outpatient or residential alcohol treatment Kelowna.

Drug Rehab Kelowna Choice

What Determines a Quality Center

There are some things that families or the addicted should consider when searching for treatment centers in Kelowna or elsewhere. Consider the following steps:
  • Residential rehab is the better option. Long-term residential programs provide better therapy and aftercare options whenever possible. Individuals have more of an opportunity to address every aspect of their addiction. More on this type of rehab.
  • Therapy methodologies should be tailored to individual needs. Generally, the therapy or counseling approaches should meet the client’s needs. For example, they may require behavioral therapy, contingency management, and individual or group counseling.
  • Ensure the program provides extensive aftercare support. Aftercare or recovery support is critical. Most residential treatment centers offer each client an opportunity to stay connected through sober living groups, meetings, or a sober community.
Whether it is drug or alcohol treatment, in Kelowna or elsewhere, taking the necessary steps to ensure a quality program makes the recovery more attainable.

Drug Rehab Kelowna

What is the cost in the private sector?

The cost of private drug rehab varies and mostly depends on the length of time an individual spends in treatment.

Long-term residential  centers are costly, yet it is the best option to consider. Inpatient treatment costs can vary between $10,000 and $30,000. Some centers accept insurance coverage.

However, someone who struggles with chronic relapse and a lengthy history of drug abuse does not benefit from outpatient care.

Finally, the city has public access resources covered by BC health care. You can find outpatient drug and alcohol rehab in Kelowna at no cost as a community service. Each regional healthcare authority in British Columbia operates substance use treatment services.

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Drug Rehab Kelowna - Alternative

Is Addiction Recovery Coaching the Right Option?

Addiction recovery coaching is one of the most successful aftercare support methods for recovering addicts. And it also applies to a functional user who wants more control or quit altogether. ARC Services offers quality  recovery coaching for those who do not need a full drug rehab program in Kelowna, or elsewhere. 

Each client is tutored or guided with information that helps them understand the recovery barriers in front of them. Unlike any other addiction service, Online Coaching helps an individual apply the knowledge in everyday life. There are no evaluations from the coach. The addicted person comes to their own conclusion by reading and understanding the materials.

Our experts at ARC Services will guide you through the entire process. Former clients of addiction recovery coaching have attested to it helping them maintain successful recovery, say no to drugs, assist people through difficult times in life, and help make positive changes.  

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