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Private Treatment Centers

If you’re looking for a Kelowna drug rehab center and need assistance to find a private treatment center, call our toll-free number. Speak with one of our professional referral counselors who specializes in the private sector. We find affordable treatment programs for families across the country and are confident we can do the same for you. We’ll work with you until both you and the center have a plan laid out to get your loved one in rehab. Recovery is possible!

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Knowing your Options & Choosing

There are options for addiction treatment. The choice is yours. A pay-for or public access service is the first decision to take. Once this is done, looking at and choosing the best rehabilitation methods for your loved one is next. Among others, there are the 12-steps, faith-based, CBT, inpatient, or outpatient and the list continues. There exist correct steps to help your relative in their time of need. We are experienced referral counselors, and we can help in this matter.

Kelowna Drug Rehab Programs

It is challenging to deal with someone with a substance abuse problem or drug addiction. You cannot and should not put it off. If you are considering admission to a treatment center in Kelowna, call us. There are some reasons why some families choose a private facility. These centers rarely have a waitlist. They have personalized service (better ratio of counselor to resident), both crucial points in rehabilitation.

Also, our experience in the field, our knowledge, and the care we have are reasons for you to call. We can most likely find an affordable drug addiction treatment program for your loved one.

Kelowna Drug Rehab – Services for Addiction

Not knowing what to do or where to start is a common condition many people find themselves in regarding addiction. Let us help you with this ordeal happening in your life. Addiction is a troublesome affair, and we can propose solutions to bring peace of mind. Too many families struggle with this issue, and few resources are available. We help families in Kelowna find affordable addiction treatment facilities in BC and across Canada. We also give them advice and understanding of the different steps they can take and the programs available.

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Our Service to You

Over the phone, we do a general assessment of the situation in Kelowna. We determine the degree of substance abuse and if a medical detox is necessary. Health, legal, and similar issues are also assessed. 

With a clear picture of the situation, we can advise you and find solutions for your unique situation in Kelowna.

The long nights and anxious days worrying about your loved one can be a thing of the past. You can find hope, sanity, and a sense of relief, knowing your loved one is on the path to recovery.

Kelowna Drug Rehab or Elsewhere

We work with you in Kelowna to ensure you have the correct information to make a sound decision. The right program suited to your situation and needs is of primary importance. There are several affordable private rehab centers in British Columbia and others throughout the country that could be right.

Every addict is struggling with some unwanted personal underlying issue that must be addressed for sobriety to occur. Our task is to work with you, so your loved one can stop using and be substance-free and productive. Stop your search for a substance abuse recovery center and call today.

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To find support for yourself about someone’s drinking, visit the Okanagan Al-Anon site.