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If you or a loved one are seeking a private detox or rehab center servicing Maple Ridge, call our toll-free number. An experienced referral addiction counsellor will work with you to help guide you with the various options available. We recognize that addiction to illicit drugs, alcohol, or even medications can be a problematic affair for all. So stop your search for a Maple Ridge drug rehab center and let us help you with this ordeal.

Our purpose is to help bring some calm and sanity and above all solutions to a troublesome affair. You can find help and assistance in getting your loved one the proper care and addiction counselling needed for their situation. It does, however, mean that you must act by calling our professional referral counsellor today.

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Maple Ridge Treatment Centers – Public and Private

When in search of a residential addiction treatment facility for a loved one, you need a few crucial data. First of which is that there are only two avenues available; the public sector, or private centers. Whether in Maple Ridge or elsewhere, the local centers require that the addict make the application. They will be asked to follow through with all appointments and contact the center regularly until a bed becomes available. The program itself is generally based on group counselling with a variety of daily chores and tasks.

If you are looking for a private Maple Ridge drug rehab facility for your loved one, call us. With private centers, there is rarely a waiting list. Also, the majority of private centers will take care of your relative’s needs and particular situations in a personalized way. But above all, the private sector has a higher ratio of counsellors to resident care, and the service level is not the same.

Addiction Treatment Maple Ridge Guidance

Because of their experience in the field of drug rehabilitation, you should seek assistance from a referral counsellor. Our counsellors have worked with addicts from all walks of life; they know addiction. They are also knowledgeable in private addiction treatment centers in Canada. Their purpose is to work with you to propose the most suitable facility that will work for you or your family member.

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Our counsellor will get the necessary assessment information and give you the options to help your loved one. The treatment of opiates is not the same as someone struggling with alcohol. A person who binge uses cocaine on weekends is not the same as someone who abuses prescription medication.

The subject of addiction can appear complicated when, in fact, it’s quite straight forward when you know the topic. Let us work with you to help your relative get and stay drug-free. All that is needed from you is to call us today.

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To find support for yourself with another person’s addiction visit these link;

Al-Anon BC for someone’s drinking problem or

Nar-Anon FamilyGroup website for someone else’s drug abuse.