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If you live in Nanaimo B.C. and looking for immediate assistance to find a private addiction service, call 1-888-488-8434. Speak with one of our referral counselors and get your loved one on the road to recovery right now. We fully understand how difficult it can get with a relative’s addiction to illegal drugs or prescription med abuse or alcohol. Families are struggling with this issue with little or no solutions at hand. Your search for a Nanaimo drug rehab center can stop here, call us for assistance. We have been helping families find affordable private addiction treatment programs across Canada for many years.

Nanaimo Drug Rehab – Referral to Private Centers

We inform families in Nanaimo about their options in drug rehabilitation services. When you call, we start with a general assessment to determine the degree of substance abuse. Health, legal, and similar issues are also assessed. Once we have a clear picture of the situation, we can see whether a medical detox is necessary before rehab. We will propose the most suitable affordable private addiction treatment center for your loved one.

Looking for a Drug Rehab in Nanaimo

Finding an affordable private drug rehab center with personalized care requires knowledge of treatment programs available. If you want to increase your chances at successful recovery, a referral counselor’s guidance can help you. A facility suited to your needs is a definite asset for sobriety; it may mean going on the mainland. The only thing needed is your decision to do something about it. So stop your search for a Nanaimo drug rehab facility and call a referral counselor today.

A Solution for Addiction Treatment

This is achieved through residential treatment programs. Our referral counselors are here to work with you to find a treatment program in British Columbia. We are there to help your family whether your relative needs medical detox, a short-term or long-term residential treatment program. We will put you in contact with a private addiction treatment center in Canada, and get you started on the road to recovery.

Nanaimo Drug Rehab Referral Counselor’s Help

The truth of the matter is that many families live with this nightmarish issue day after day. All the talk about the destruction caused by these substances does not change this fact. By survey what people most desire is quick and affordable solutions to help their relative caught in the world of substance abuse.

As a resident of Nanaimo, you may think that at some point, your son or daughter will grow out of this phase. Maybe you think that it’s “not that bad” or some other justifying comment. But any level of substance abuse is bad and is a potential killer. The point is, you need to act fast and act now to find a private addiction treatment best suited to you and your needs.


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The city of Nanaimo offers AA meetings, aimed at those that have gone through a rehabilitation program and need support.