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When you call 1-888-488-8434, you connect directly to Addiction Referral & Consultation Services. We help families and people who struggle with substance abuse in Port Coquitlam find affordable private treatments. Our referral counselors have been in the field of drug abuse and alcoholism for more than twenty years. They have experience in dealing with people abusing mind-altering drugs; they know the problem. So, if you are looking for a Port Coquitlam drug rehab center with quick admission, give us a call.

Port Coquitlam Drug Rehab & Centers

It’s one thing to abuse drugs, alcohol, or medications and quite another to do something effective about it. There are many organizations in the province to help in moments of health crises and difficulties, including substance abuse. One could ask, then how come it’s so difficult to get help with addiction? Why are there so many interviews, steps, protocols, and forms to do? We also wondered about the procedure. There are some actual answers which bring more questions. Though none of this matters, what does is finding the appropriate addiction treatment program able to service Port Coquitlam.

Port Coquitlam Treatment Centers

The problem with community treatment programs around Port Coquitlam is the waitlist and complex sign-up protocol. An addict struggling with street drugs, prescription meds, or alcohol can say: “I need help,” but getting help can be hard. It’s doubtful that a person suffering from dependency on a mind-altering substance can “hold-off” using for a week or five. Therefore, we offer the options of the private centers for Port Coquitlam. There are private drug rehabs in BC with affordable pricing. But more to the point, there is another more pressing reason to consider the private sector.

Public or Private Treatment Centers – Detox & Rehab

Above, we talked about the public sector’s issues with a timeframe and screening process. There are detox and treatment programs, and the public services in Port Coquitlam do not offer both at the same center. One must go through detox, mainly in a hospital, and then do a program elsewhere. Detox is a drying-out period; often, the person waits as the effects of the drug or substance wear off. This can be difficult because many think that this is the end-all of treatment, but it’s just the start. Rehabilitation is the part of therapy that identifies why the person fell into drugs in the first place. Community treatments, which are mostly the same across the country, are based on the 12-step model.

Port Coquitlam Drug Rehab & Private

In the private sector, very few centers have wait-time for admission and will service Port Coquitlam residents. Also, the private sector will follow strict government guidelines, but many have their approach to treat the condition. This means they can offer specific treatments the public sector cannot. An example of this would be animal therapy, yoga, and professional one-on-one counseling for particular life issues. Detox, in most private centers, happens in the rehabilitation center, one receives 24/7 care and attention from healthcare attendants. A person in Port Coquitlam can easily make financial arrangements with varied options if one chooses to. Most importantly, your funds are for personalized service to you.

Before making a choice, talk to our referral addiction counselors about your options. We can provide sound information and guidance to an affordable treatment center in Canada.


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