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Although Powell River is a beautiful coastal city, it also has its share of trouble with drug trafficking and abuse. For help today finding an affordable treatment center for a loved one, call our toll-free number. If you are getting nowhere with your local Powell River drug rehab centers; we can help. When you call Addiction Referral & Consultation Services, you will speak directly with a certified drug and alcohol specialist. He or she will ensure that you get the right guidance to move forward in getting help. There are many affordable treatment programs, whether it is for your son, daughter, or spouse.

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We recognize that if your seeking assistance in Powell River, it’s because things have gotten out of control and you decided to act. You’ve realized that detox and a residential treatment program is your only option. It can be a stressful affair to find the right place for your relative. It’s possible that you looked into your local addiction centers in Powell River for help and maybe you were helped the same day, and perhaps not. But in either case, we can offer proper intake and immediate care.

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There are dozens of approaches to treat addiction and finding the one that is most suited to your needs may require assistance. With a general assessment and substance evaluation, we can propose the facility most adapted to your needs, whether in Powell River or elsewhere. It’s what we do.

Powell River Drug Rehab, Private Services

There are a wide variety of private treatment facilities in British Columbia. Many will follow the same approach; most are based on the twelve-step method; others will be faith-based. Then some are focused on chemical imbalance studies and use other drugs to treat the current one. But these are just a couple of approaches; you can also find holistic treatment centers that follow the concept of treating spirit, mind, and body.

Our addiction referral counselors have worked in the field of substance abuse for many years. They have established links to a wide variety of private treatment centers in Canada that service Powell River residents. We are confident that there is one suited to your needs and situation.

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Private Treatment Centers Servicing Powell River

All that is left is for you to act. Don’t add more time, as this is what will cause the addiction to spiral even more out of control. You don’t want that dreaded phone call from the Powell River authorities. You have it in you to make a change in a loved one’s life. You can do something productive.

Call us and let us work with you to bring about the right action to get real and lasting solutions into motion. Whether it is an addiction to street drugsmedication abuse, or overuse of alcohol, something can be done about it. Call us for courteous and confidential help with your substance abuse situation in Powell River.

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If you need support for yourself about someone’s misuse, visit the site below:

For someone’s alcoholism, Al-Anon BC