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Private Treatment Programs

Receiving help with addiction to drugs or alcohol is a phone call away. Calling will put you in contact with an experienced referral counselor. At Addiction Referral & Consultation Services, you receive confidential and courteous assistance. We specialize in private programs and can guide you and your loved one to treatment. If you are looking for a Sooke drug rehab center and can not find immediate help, give us a call.

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Sooke Drug Rehab – Private Vs. Public Access Treatments

We are aware of the difficulties that arise when you want to help someone with substance misuse. We understand and will work with you to locate the most suited private rehab serving residents of Sooke. If you encountered little or no aid from your local addiction center, there is a reason. The public sector demands for help with addiction surpasses their ability to respond accordingly. In the private sector, it’s not the case. Therefore, in part, we advise you to look at private treatment centers for fast admission.

There is an urgency when someone struggles with street drugs or alcohol overconsumption. Waiting to see if things will get better is the wrong thing to do. Addiction always gets worse! You don’t want to wait until the person is arrested, in the ER, or worse, act now in Sooke.

Addiction & Assistance for Families

You see the worst that addiction can bring in Sooke and feel anxious about the future. When a person lives with an addict or is close to someone suffering from it, they know firsthand what is at stake. While it’s almost certain you feel unsure of yourself and not personally equipped to deal with the whole issue, we are there. You bring a person suffering from substance abuse to a professional addiction counselor. They are well trained in the field of substance abuse and treatment programs.

Sooke Drug Rehab & Referrals to Private Centers

But there is still the question of which facility and program are best for your loved one. As you know, there are hundreds of treatment centers in BC available to you. Our experienced referral addiction counselors have been in the field of drug and alcohol abuse for nearly two decades. We have worked with addicts one-on-one and counseled family members from all walks of life throughout the country. Guiding you to suitable private programs is what we do. We refer people to rehab centers across Canada.

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Sooke Drug Rehab & ARC Services

The initial contact with our referral counselor will begin with a general assessment of the existing scene and an overall substance abuse evaluation. From this, he or she will be in a position to propose the most workable options for treatment. It may not be possible to find a center in Sooke.

This may require going to the mainland for service, and the facility will help work out the logistics. But first, you need to act on the issue now. Don’t add unnecessary time; this will not help. Call today and get the process started today.

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1 888-488-8434
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