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At Addiction Referral & Consultation Services, our referral counselors help you find suitable private detox and rehabs for your loved one. Reach out and speak with our counselors, call or request a callback. We are passionate about assisting families in finding help and peace of mind. So, if you are looking for a Summerland drug rehab center in the private sector, give us a call.

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Summerland Drug Rehab & Waitlists

When families discover their loved one has a problem with drugs, medication, or alcohol, they usually contact the local addiction center. These public recovery centers are often only information and direction services. Too often, people seeking help from the public sector only find long waitlists and extensive interviews and forms. The addict, wanting to stop, often finds that their withdrawal becomes exceedingly difficult to deal with. With no immediate help available in Summerland, their only avenue or solution for this is to use again.

Treatment Center Referral Counselors

Our referral addiction counselors can help you right now. We can put you in contact with a reputable private treatment center in BC on the same day. Once connected to an appropriate facility, you can work out the next actions to have your relative arrive. We have the means and know-how to help you and your loved one find the right treatment program that will work for them.

It’s important to realize that time is vital in this type of situation. You cannot afford to hold off or wait until next week. More often than not, the person struggling with addiction will continue to abuse. And this is risky, to say the least.

Summerland & Drug Abuse

There is no doubt that illicit drug trafficking and abuse of various types of mind-altering drugs exist in and around Summerland. Despite law enforcement efforts to stop this activity, it’s clear much still gets distributed. Evidence of this is seen in the news and the demand for help by families living in Summerland and surrounding areas.

Our counselors understand the issue at hand, and we have experience in dealing with this field of problems. You probably noticed the various shifts in the behavior of your son, daughter, or spouse. These changes occur because of the toxic effect of substances within the body. Mind-altering substances do not only affect the body it also affects the mind and personality.


Summerland Drug Rehab Services & Immediate Help

We cannot stress enough the importance of acting now. Often, we hear of families in Summerland or elsewhere, waiting to deal with the substance abuse. The results are often devastating, jail time, the emergency ward for an overdose, DUI, or worse. The longer you wait or hold off their treatment, the higher the risk is to their life. Our professional referral counselors are standing by to take your call and get the process started.

They will begin with a general assessment and substance abuse evaluation. They can then suggest different options for treatment programs in Canada that will best suit your loved one. But it all begins with a call to our counselors. It’s as simple as dialing our number to speak with a certified drug and alcohol specialist. Call now and find peace of mind in Summerland.

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