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We specialize in helping families find affordable drug and alcohol rehab in Vancouver and across the country. Surfing the internet endlessly to find a private drug rehab center in Vancouver can be a trying affair. Calling these centers and talking with them may or may not be helpful. They might tell you that they are the best rehab in Vancouver and be, in fact, a good calibre.

But is this the treatment center best suited for the person you want to help? Our professional referral counsellor can help you find the right drug and alcohol addiction recovery center suited to your loved one.

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Vancouver Drug Rehab & Detox Center Guidance

The first step we do is an assessment over the phone to determine the degree of addiction and special needed care. With this done, we can now see if a medical detox is a necessary step. We also ask about health, legal, and similar issues during the call. This information is what we work with because your needs and situation are unique.

Proper Alcohol & Drug Rehab Vancouver & Detox Centers

There are many types of private drug rehabs in Vancouver, but not all treatment method is suitable for everyone. Knowing which rehabilitation approach is more fitting for that person needing help is important. Getting a person interested in their recovery starts with a treatment program to which they can identify. A center matching their own thoughts and convictions will increase the chances of success.

Whether the person lives in Vancouver’s high-rise apartments, single-family homes, or shares a room, their situation is particular to them. Their addiction is theirs and not anyone else’s. Therefore, it only makes sense to be able to relate to the treatment program they attend. The chosen drug rehab should reflect and address their life situation in a way that suits them. For example, sending someone who has no religious conviction to a faith-based program would probably not give good results.

Drug Addiction in Vancouver – Percentage of Overdose

In Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, illicit opioid users are testing positive for fentanyl. In 2018, the most fatal overdoses in BC were to fentanyl. Researchers at UBC were monitoring 237 users. People using illicit opioids tested positive for fentanyl at 45 percent from the beginning of the study, and five months later, the number jumped to 100 percent.

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A report from the BC Coroners Service revealed that fentanyl was responsible for 86% of all illicit drug overdoses for 2020 and 2021. It also notes that Apr 2020 to July 2021 overdoses of fentanyl had extreme concentrations compared to previous months. The drug carfentanil is now prevalent as an illicit street drug. In 2021, the BC Coroners detected 113 suspected illegal drug toxicity deaths of carfentanil compared to 65 in 2020. The number of illicit drug toxicity deaths in July 2021 represents about 5.9 deaths per day. Vancouver, Surrey, and Victoria are the areas experiencing the highest number of illicit drug toxicity deaths in 2021.

Drug & Alcohol Rehab Vancouver – There is Hope

A drug addict or alcoholic is a person who cannot control their use and will continue despite adverse consequences. People do find help for their addiction to street drugs, abuse of prescription meds, and alcoholism. Whether you live in Vancouver, BC, or elsewhere, substance abuse recovery is possible.

Vancouver Drug Rehab Centers – Guidance

A referral addiction counsellor can guide you to affordable private drug rehab centers across Canada. Unfortunately, there is a long waitlist in most Health Care community services, specifically in big cities like Vancouver. Affordable options in the private sector do exist.

The only thing needed is your decision to act and do something about it. So, call our referral counsellor today for assistance. Our referral specialist will answer your questions and help you find solutions in Vancouver or elsewhere when you call.

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