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Do not put off what can be dealt with today in Whistler. Our referral counselors at Addiction Referral & Consultation Services are available for you. If you want to help a relative with substance abuse issues, dial our toll-free number. Our many years in the field of addiction and rehabilitation brought us some experience and knowledge. If you are looking for a Whistler drug rehab center but getting nowhere, call us. We specialize in finding the right private treatment program for your loved one.

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Whistler Drug Rehab & Community Services

You know the trouble created by addiction to illicit drugs, medication, or alcohol. Most people reach out to the community addiction services in Whistler. The service guides their residents as best they can. But the public sector is in such demand; they cannot immediately supply the needed help. Therefore, we suggest the private sector for fast and personalized assistance. We know of reputable and affordable treatment facilities across Canada. We help you with what treatment center is best for your situation.

When you call and speak with a referral counselor, he or she will be able to help you with this decision. Once a general assessment and substance abuse evaluation is made, options for treatment can begin. Not all treatment centers are the same; even the approach can vary to some degree. That is why choosing the right center is important.

Addiction & Help

In Whistler or any other place, a person may have needs, and their situation can be different from another one. Knowing what to expect from the facility you chose makes it easier for the person to accept help. There are addiction treatments that have as their base philosophy that “addiction is a disease.” This may or may not be accurate, as that issue is still debatable. What can be observed is that most people misusing substances are doing so to bring relief to some unwanted physical or emotional condition. Drugs and alcohol numb it out, at least momentarily. When it wears off, it returns; more and higher dosage is used, resulting in addiction.

Whistler Drug Rehab Centers & Private Treatments

If your loved-one in Whistler needs help, call our toll-free number and get guidance and peace of mind. A referral addiction counselor will work with you to find affordable private detox and treatment programs in Alberta servicing Whistler residents. We can also recommend an out of province facility. In certain cases, it’s best to have the person get away from the usual environment. This, in itself, is therapeutic. Being in a new environment will help to lessen the stimuli and increase the chance of recovery.

The main point to keep in mind is time. Adding unnecessary time to this issue by putting it off, waiting until some better moment arrives, will not help. It increases the chance of relapse and further degradation for the person and your family. So, we recommend you call us today and speak with our counselor.

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1 888-488-8434
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To find support for yourself concerning someone’s drinking, go to Al-Anon Alberta‘s or for someone’s drug use, go to Nar-Anon Canada, and find a meeting near you.