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If you need help finding a private Coquitlam drug rehab center, call our toll-free number. One of our referral addiction counselors will take your call.  They will give you insight into your options for private rehab centers or detox centers. We know about addiction to street drugs, prescription medications abuse, or the effects of alcoholism.

Most families in Coquitlam, when they discover that their loved one is abusing amphetamines or prescription pills will feel overwhelmed. Without proper guidance, the right decision can be a difficult thing to do. With no resolution at hand, the struggles of addiction continue and will only worsen.

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Help for Coquitlam Detox & Rehab

When you know the critical information on a subject, no matter the issue, you can make a better decision based on what is now known. As you may have observed, there exist a significant number of substance abuse treatments and we can help in BC. Identifying and choosing the right program that is best suited to your loved one is just as important as the decision to get help.

When you talk with one of our addiction treatment referral counselors, he or she will do a preliminary assessment. This will give them the necessary information so they can then propose the right options for your situation and needs. No matter where you live, we can be of help across Canada.


Each addict will be struggling with some underlying issue that is particular to them. Most addicts are suffering from some physical pain or emotional discomfort. This could be anything from the death of a close relative to a betrayed relationship or just plain boredom.

This pain or discomfort fade by using substances which numbs out the unwanted feeling. Over time this will generalize by numbing out all emotions and emotional reactions to essential things. This explains why an addict will not care if rent is paid, whether they have personal hygiene, or if they cause harm to others.

Options for Coquitlam Detox & Rehab Centers

The most important thing is not to add time and wait for things to change. They won’t change for the better; addiction always worsens.  Talk to a professional referral counselor who can propose options for your loved one’s particular situation. They can also help you deal and guide you through the situation. Our years of working in the field of treatment and rehabilitation can bring hope and solution this sometimes overwhelming problem.

It all begins with a search for a Coquitlam drug rehab center and ends with a talk to one of our consultants. They can help you figure out which addiction treatment center is adapted to best suit your situation. Call us now to find out what recovery program is right and how to get things into motion now.

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Here are a few Coquitlam drug rehab centers & services

Share Family and Community Services Society
200-25 King Edward Street
British Columbia
Tel: 604 540-9161
Outpatient Treatment Center for youth & adults

Talitha Koum Society PO Box 64596
British Columbia
V3J 7V7
Tel: 604 492-3393
This center is on Assisted Living. Women and their children accepted up to 6 years in age. A 6-month minimum stay.


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