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For immediate help with an addiction in Langford, call us for referrals to affordable private treatment programs. Dial our toll-free number and speak with a referral counselor who specializes in private services. Our counselors have worked in the field of substance abuse for a significant number of years. They do not represent any particular  treatment facility. We helped the addicted and families find the most suited program for their situation, we work for you. So, if you are looking for a Langford drug rehab in the private sector, give us a call.

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Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Whether in Langford or elsewhere, addiction is the same. No matter the circumstances that lead up to addiction, the cycle does not change. A person faces an unwanted life situation that has no immediate solution and is stuck with the condition. Physical or emotional, there are literally as many reasons as there are people suffering. With no means to deal with the discomfort, the individual will seek some relief.

He or she will numb the pain with alcohol or some other drug, which brings momentary relief. They numb out the source for a short time. But when the effects of the substance wear off, the condition returns. More and higher amounts are needed for the same result, thus, the beginning of a dependency. The person now must have the drug to get up, go to sleep, and do every other social and personal activity. Which, in turn, got you searching for a treatment program. We can help in BC.

Langford Drug Rehab and Intervention

If a loved one living in Langford needs help with an addiction, you may need to confirm something first that he or she decided to get help. Until one gets to the point of determining “enough is enough,” it’s unlikely you can change much of the situation. Even though a person using mind-altering substances rarely sees the spiral they are in, you can still do something.

If your child or your spouse opens up and states wanting help, your job is simple: you take action. But what of the person who doesn’t see the problem? You, as a caring person, can still make a difference in their life, but it may require some coaching and guidance.

Langford Drug Rehab & Professional Assistance

Once the person realizes that he or she needs help, there will be no time to start looking for a treatment center. We suggest having a rehab center already set up and on standby. This way, the addict will not have a chance to change his or her mind about it. If they say: “yes, I need help now,” you can easily say, “Well, let’s pack your bags they are expecting you.” 

Chances are you can make that change faster than you think, call one of our referral addiction counselors for guidance in Langford. Typically, our counselors will do a general assessment and substance abuse evaluation. Then they propose options for affordable private detox and rehab. Just make the call and start the process; a counselor is standing by to help you across Canada.


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1 888-488-8434
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For help finding a public access bed, visit BC Health.


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