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Assistance for Private Addiction Recovery

While Vancouver provides numerous resources to address substance abuse, we focus on assisting individuals in deciding on the Vancouver drug rehab tailored to their needs in the private sector. Our experienced addiction referral counselors have successfully guided countless families in Vancouver in achieving lasting recovery and a happy, drug or alcohol-free life.

When you work with our referral counselors, they will provide a comprehensive understanding of addiction treatments and propose private rehab treatment centers in and around Vancouver. To do this, they conduct an assessment first to determine the severity of abuse. Their assessment also includes establishing any related health or legal issues, clearly showing the current situation. We recognize that everyone’s needs and conditions are unique. We provide personalized care and guidance in BC to ensure that each individual receives the treatment and support that is best suited for them.

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Your Addiction, Your Situation, Your Program

Centers for Drug Rehab Vancouver

Whether you live in a high-rise apartment, a single-family home, or share a room, your addiction is unique to you and requires a treatment program specifically tailored to your individual needs. At Addiction Referral & Consultation Services, we understand the importance of a personalized approach to addiction treatment. There are various approaches to treating addiction, including 12-step, holistic, faith-based, and more. The person should be able to relate to the chosen method.

Given the opiate crisis in Canada, choosing a treatment program that is well-suited to your needs is especially crucial. Fortunately, private drug rehabs in Vancouver tailor their programs to each individual, taking into account their specific issues.


They are in the business of saving lives and will stick by people to make sure they get the help they need.”             Christopher A.

Private Treatments and Drug Rehab Vancouver

How we help

Being an addiction counselor and having been in the field of SUD for more than 20 years, in my professional experience, families often appreciate having a referral counselor who is willing to listen and offer support.

Their qualifications include the following.

  • Knowledge and understanding of drugs, alcohol, and treatments that is not theoretical.
  • They have walked in the shoes of the substance abuse themselves and recovered.
  • Each has years of hands-on experience helping families and substance abusers alike.

The purpose of their actions is to give your loved one the best chance at sober living. They do this with the means mentioned above across Canada, and free of charge. We also know that you believe your son, daughter, or spouse deserves the best chance at recovery. With a referral counselor as your guide, it will increase those chances.

Private Drug Rehab Vancouver

We deal mainly with private drug and alcohol rehabs in Vancouver for certain reasons.

  • The first and foremost reason to go with a private Vancouver drug rehab treatment is personalized care.
  • You are, above all, a person first, and substance abuse is simply a by-product of a civilization trained to be chemically dependent.
  • In private drug rehabs, hygiene will often be above standards.
  • They focus their meals on nutrition as part of their recovery program, and
  • There is no wait time for admission.

Most Vancouver drug rehab centers in the private sector will accommodate business needs, family responsibilities, and other personal aspects.

Drug Rehab Vancouver

The Decision to Act

Regardless of whether you reside in Vancouver or any other part of British Columbia, it is possible to overcome substance abuse and lead a life free from drugs and alcohol. However, it necessitates an unwavering determination to quit and undertake the essential steps to overcome the urge to use and establish a constructive way of living.

The only thing needed is your decision to act and do something about it. Call a referral counselor today.

Marc J. Bernard

Marc J. Bernard

Substance Use Disorder & Recovery Professional,
Referral & Consultation Counsellor

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