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You’re not alone in dealing with a loved one struggling with mind-altering drugs or alcohol. But you can do something about it. If you are looking for a Magog drug rehab center, we offer support, guidance and help for someone in the midst of addiction who wants to find sobriety. It’s understood that any person in Magog wanting off will need assistance in detox and rehab. Unfortunately, with the state of public access service in our country, waiting has become the norm. To counter this, we suggest the option of private addiction treatment centers for Magog residents.

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Magog Community or Private Treatment 

First Community Treatments

What are the protocols for public access treatment centers? If you are new to this and just starting your search, you may not know about the wait time for admission in most public access centers. You also you might be oblivious to the long protocol of community rehabs. Or that the addicted person is expected to call the center to see if a bed freed up. No one else can do this for the person. Subsidized centers also do not admit people who are not detoxed. He needs to be drug-free for at least 3 to 5 days before admission, so keeping “clean” is essential.

Second Private Services

What are the main benefits of going with private treatments? Most private addiction treatment centers have detox incorporated in their program; some even have medical detox. So, a person does not need to have” clean time” before acceptance. Time from first contact to admission can be as short as 24 hours, even less if necessary. Beds for the addicted are readily available. During the first year of Covid 19, the private sector saw wait-time in some centers for the first time. Of course, private is a paid-for service. But most people think it unaffordable; that is not necessarily true in all cases.

The Right Treatment Program Magog

You may think that all treatment programs are the same. We are in the “business of recovery” for nearly two decades, with a cumulative experience of 40 years. We can tell you that a program’s impact on an individual can make or break recovery. The program structure and method should resonate with the addicted. A program is much like someone you befriend; it is relatable and understandable. So, the choice of program is crucial.

Magog Drug Rehab Centers

Magog is simply one more city in Memphremagog with residents suffering from substance abuse. This is unfortunate. Magog offers local counselling and some guidance to its residents with substance abuse issues. Most community treatment centers are close to or in Sherbrooke. If you want to start a new drug-free life, call our addiction referral counsellor to find out what your options are.

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Helping Someone – Magog Treatment Centers

The key issue to helping anyone struggling with substance abuse is to get their agreement. Quite often, a person pleads for help only to back out once help is presented. The addict admits at one point that their lifestyle needs to change. Then realizing that drugs and alcohol will be out of the picture, they apprehend the change. This can be overcome if one knows how to address the issues. Our experienced referral counsellors can work with you to resolve this situation. Call our toll-free number.

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