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If you are looking for a New Brunswick drug rehab center with immediate admission, call our toll-free number. Speak with one of our private treatment program referral counsellors. They are there to answer your questions concerning the available private treatment facilities in New Brunswick. Our counsellors are knowledgeable and have years of experience referring people to centers across Canada.

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Drug Addiction Treatments for New Brunswick

Our referral group is not associated with any particular treatment center. We will assist you in getting the help you need by doing the screening, assessment, and searching for the rehab best suited to your situation and needs. We can help guide you, whether in New Brunswick or elsewhere. The most common problem with family members struggling with addiction is knowing the best way to approach the situation. Each addicted person goes through their own issues; some are light, and others are heading toward total disaster.

Options for New Brunswick Drug Rehabs

A referral counsellor is someone with enough experience in the subject of addiction to guide you through the various options available. To help you make the right choice to help the one you love. Not all rehab centers have the same program. Each has the same goal, but it is quite varied how they achieve it. Some programs are based on Christian belief, others are 12-step,  and dozens of other approaches exist. We help you work out which is most suited to that person’s needs.

Drug Addiction

Although a mother doing drugs while pregnant can predispose their child to addiction,  other factors exist. The underlying addiction is a symptom of unwanted physical or emotional conditions. It doesn’t matter if you live in New Brunswick or elsewhere. The facts are the same; an unwanted incident in life occurs (loss of loved one, severe introversion by others, physical accident, and more). The person is now suffering from this “unwanted” condition.

Seeking Relief From Addiction

The person seeks some relief but can’t find it. The individual can try alcohol or drugs and find they relieve. Drugs, including prescription medications and alcohol, cause a disconnection between awareness and the actual pain, emotional or physical discomfort. When the effect of the drug wears off, more drugs are taken.

Eventually, the body builds a tolerance. To have the same effect, the person takes larger quantities. A dependency is now in gear, and a new unwanted and a more serious condition occurs; addiction.

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New Brunswick Drug Addiction Treatment Help

Some people are unwilling to get help for their addiction problem for fear of withdrawal. Family members can do a drug intervention with the assistance of a professional. In fact, it is not true that the drug addict must make that first step or hit rock bottom to get the help they need. Often, it takes the intervention of family and friends to get the ball rolling. We help families in New Brunswick and others across the country find the right addiction treatment center for their loved ones.

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