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Private Substance Abuse treatments

To find help in private treatment programs, contact Addiction Referral & Consultation Services. Our referral counselors are well trained in the field of addiction and the variety of treatments available for Bathurst. It’s one thing to realize you or a family member needs assistance in dealing with their drug or alcohol abuse and quite another to find immediate help. You may have looked over several Bathurst drug rehab centers and already phoned some of them. Maybe you spoke with a health care provider in your area and left facing a long waiting list.

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Bathurst Drug Rehab Facilities & Referral Services

A referral counselor is a person with many years of having worked in the field of drug rehabilitation. Our counselors have helped hundreds of families and addicts themselves find solutions. Finding hope is one thing, but getting effective help requires proper guidance, an honest desire to help, and realizing that change is possible. We pride ourselves on our ability to help you or your loved one. Giving you direction to a substance abuse treatment program that is most suited to your needs and personal situation.

You can choose to dig and search for a drug rehab center in Bathurst or a treatment center in New Brunswick. You can also call a referral counselor who will have the option for you. Our referral counselors do more than listen; they work for you.

Help Finding a Bathurst Substance Abuse Center

By calling our counselors, you are opening the door to solutions. We can guide you to affordable private treatment programs servicing your area. They will do a general assessment and a substance evaluation over the phone.  This will permit the counselor to propose the best option for treatment that will work for you or that person you want to help.

Bathurst Drug Rehab Programs and Addiction

Any person who is struggling with the effect of heroin addiction, cocaine dependency, prescription medication abuse, or other mind-altering substance is doing so for a reason. In most cases, the person was not born this way. The more likely scenario is that the person was faced with some unpleasant life situation like boredom or not fitting in.

Some may have had some traumatic experience in some way. This situation or experience made life harder, not having life skills to deal with it, it further worsened and caused uneasiness or pain. When a person cannot deal with or find a solution to it, it tends to stick with the person creating somewhat of a handicap. From there, the individual will seek out any relief. Drugs and alcohol are numbing agents and will numb it out. But this is short-lived. Their solution to it, if not solved, will become a dependency. The person has a new problem – an addiction that got you looking for a Bathurst treatment program.


Drug Problem & Bathurst Drug Rehab Program

This new problem can only be dealt with by professional addiction counseling. Let us work with you in locating the right private rehab that will work for you.

All we ask is that you don’t add unnecessary time to this issue. More time only adds up to more trouble. You can make a difference today!

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