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First and foremost, we are not a treatment center. But if you’re looking for an Edmundston drug addiction treatment and need help locating a private drug rehab, we can help. You will be connected to a professional referral counselor. They will work with you to find good and affordable drug rehabs or detox centers servicing Edmundston.

Our referral counsellors do not represent any given facility. We have two decades of experience in the field and can guide you to facilities that suit your needs and situation. When you call, we work for you only.

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Addiction Referral & Addiction Services

Our counselors recognize how difficult addiction can be for family and friends. Find peace of mind for yourself and sobriety for your loved one by calling us today. We work with different private centers across the country. Make the call that can change your life.

There is a lot to know about addiction and the many services available;

  • Residential addiction treatment facilities
  • Short-term & long-term treatments
  • Detox or medical withdrawal
  • Outpatient addiction programs, or
  • Community substance abuse programs

Which is the best choice for your family? Let us help bring some clarity and resolve to your situation.

Delivering Lasting Sobriety

The one crucial factor in treating someone’s substance abuse is that they find lasting sobriety. Many rehab centers do good work, but some only treat the symptoms. Detoxes in Edmundston or elsewhere do nothing more than withdraw the person from the substance. Rehabilitation is where the individual deals with underlying issues that brought on dependency.

There are long-term and short-term recovery programs. If a person has been abusing for many years, there is a good chance that a thirty-day program (short-term) is insufficient. A good addiction counselor will agree that the best results come with long-term residential rehab. We are available to give you guidance and help in New Brunswick suited to your situation.

Edmunston Drug Rehab & Addiction

Simply stated, addiction is the inability to stop oneself despite adverse consequences. The incapacity to stop is due in part to the effects of drugs and alcohol have on the body and mind. These substances, whether cocaine or fentanyl, or alcohol, are toxic to the body. Taking more of these substances depletes the body of its vitamins, proteins, and minerals.

These burn-up natural defenses and healthy nutrients and bring other physical and psychological issues. Addicts tend to look and act sick, unhealthy, and unable to react appropriately or even reason. It is also a known fact that all addiction starts from underlying unwanted emotional or physical condition or pain. The reason or reasons this state starts is as varied as there are addicts. It must be addressed to achieve lasting recovery.

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Edmundston Drug Addiction Treatment & Referral

Our addiction referral counselors are available to guide you through this difficult time. When you call, you will be in contact with an experienced addiction referral counselor; one that has worked with addicted and their family. They know addiction and can give you help across Canada.

There exist many good affordable rehab programs and withdrawal management services. Stop your search for an Edmundston drug addiction treatment center and call today. Waiting will only make matters worse. You don’t want the dreaded phone call from the police or worse!

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Or Contact us through
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Here is a community addiction service in Edmundston;

345 Hébert Boulevard
New Brunswick
E3V 0E7
(506) 735-2092

The services offered are;

Assessment of situation and needs;
Individual, family, and group services
Program for youth aged 12 to 19 and their parents
21-day residential rehab program offered in Campbellton only.


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