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If you live in Fredericton call our toll-free number for immediate assistance in finding a private drug addiction treatment center. One of our referral counselors will answer your questions and give you some options for treatment programs. They are knowledgeable in the available drug rehab centers across Canada. If you are searching for a Fredericton addiction treatment center but were left empty-handed, our counselors will guide you to other treatment options. Don’t hesitate and call now; there is help and hope.

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Fredericton Drug Rehab Facilities

The drug rehabs found in Fredericton are outpatient or AA meetings. Unfortunately, this is not what most people addicted to street drugs or abusing alcohol need. Finding help with the right treatment program can be difficult, especially when looking for residential drug rehab centers. Most of these centers will have a long waiting list. They also have a selection process that requires several interviews, and they request the person be sober for several days before admission.

Fredericton Addiction Treatment Options

Many websites on the Internet offer their addiction treatment services. On the other hand, we offer consultation, guidance, and referral to rehab centers that will be right for you. To be able to choose a center requires some information on the available programs and their modalities. When you call us, we will ask questions to determine the best option for the person you want to help. We have a few helpful points you can look for in a private drug rehab center.

Fredericton & Private Drug Rehabs

The option of a private drug rehab center is not necessarily out of reach; some are affordable. It is not true that only the “upper class” have access to these. With the state of the Healthcare system in Canada, some people have seen the need for accessible drug addiction treatments. Most of them had to go through the process of the system for themselves or a loved one.


Fredericton Addiction Treatment, Private Centers

Some private rehab centers are partially funded, which makes them more affordable. Whether partially funded or not, private centers have most often fast admissions. When calculating how much money the addict spends in a week on their drug of choice, it can pay for the price of a good rehabilitation program. So when looking for immediate help for the treatment of substance abuse in Fredericton, a private center will make sense.

Our Services for Fredericton

Our referral counselors are ready to help you find the private center that suits your needs and financial situation. We offer the initial screening process, the case assessment, and a quick contact to the best suited facility for your needs.

We look forward to working with you to resolve your alcohol or drug addiction problem that you or someone you care about has.

Rehabilitation Help for Fredericton

Substance abuse is a hard fact of life and makes life harder for family members, close friends, and co-workers. There are underlying reasons for alcoholism or drug addiction; each substance abuser requires the right treatment program. Whether you are looking for a treatment center in New Brunswick or elsewhere in the country, we can help. If you don’t know where to turn to, we can assist, we have helped hundreds find drug free lives. Stop your search for a Fredericton addiction treatment center and call us today!

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