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In Oromocto, like other cities across the country, illicit drugs and alcohol take over quickly. To find help for a loved one struggling with some form of addiction, call our number. This will connect you to one of our referral counsellors at Addiction Referral & Consultation Services. They are standing by to take your call and guide you to affordable private rehabs serving your area.

It may not seem possible that there exist accessible private treatment centers, but there is. If you are looking for an Oromocto drug rehab center and want private, give us a call.

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Though there are options available in the public sector, people should be informed of both options. By contacting our referral addiction counsellor, you will have the needed guidance to choose the best choice. When dealing with illicit drug addiction, alcohol overuse, or any other mind-altering substance, treatment is essential. There exist a wide variety of approaches. Knowing the right program for your loved one is an area we can help you with.

Addiction & Treatment Programs

Whether in Oromocto or some similar city, addiction is the same. What changes is how health care professionals address the issue. Some facilities work with the 12-step model; others follow a disciplinary approach. Other programs will favour medical means to treat addiction like Methadone to curb the use of heroin.

There are more than a dozen methods to address drug and alcohol abuse. Knowing which is best for your child, friend, or spouse is where our counsellors can be of support. We know addiction, we are well informed on treatment programs in Canada. Let us work with you and locate the most suited program for that person.

Oromocto Drug Rehab & our Service

It’s one thing to see someone struggling with some form of substance abuse and quite another to do something about it. Most likely, you decided to do something to help your loved one but found countless complexities in Oromocto. One recovery center says this; the other says something else. They all claim to be the best and most effective treatment center in New Brunswick. We offer this specific service to help you in this time of need. Having worked for many years with addicts and families from all walks of life, our counsellors have a unique perspective.


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When speaking with a referral counsellor, he or she will hear you out on the existing situation in Oromocto. They will do a substance abuse evaluation to have the full scope of the condition. Then, with this information, they will help you understand your best options and available treatment plans. With a wide variety of approaches offered today, knowing the one most suited to your situation is vital.

A confidential and courteous service is what you find working with our counsellors in locating an affordable private treatment program. It all begins with a call to someone who knows the subject in a non-biased position.

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