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For help in Shediac, you need to call our toll-free number and speak with one of our referral counselors to get started. Having nearly twenty years of experience in the field of substance abuse, they can help. We specialize in finding affordable private treatment programs for families across the country. We helped countless families find suitable rehab centers for their loved ones. Here at ARC Services, we will not only help you but also ensure you get the professional support you expect. So, stop your search for a Shediac drug rehab center and call.

Substance Abuse & Quitting

Addiction to some mind-altering substance can be devastating to those close in Shediac. The person struggling with addiction is also suffering. Most want to stop using but cannot just quit. The stress related to withdrawal can take a toll on the person. Often there are uncomfortable physical reactions when coming off drugs. Quitting some substances like heavy alcohol abuse, or certain drugs can be life-threatening and require medical assistance. They can cause seizures, breathing problems, high or low blood pressure, and other physical trouble, and severe anxieties. These require constant supervision with medical detox.

On the other hand, some drugs can be stopped safely with proper professional guidance. One should realize that not all treatment centers offer the same service. Knowing which is best suited to your loved one is part of what we do for you. Our service to Shediac residents also includes a general assessment of the existing situation with substance abuse evaluation. Doing this step will help find the best option for the person to attain sobriety.

Shediac Drug Rehab & Change

Your loved one may voice wanting help. They are at the point where they know they need to act, feeling near the bottom of the barrel. Yet, more often than not, when you say, “okay, let’s get you into a treatment center,” the person begins to find reasons and excuses.

Recognize this is fear of the unknown. It takes some understanding of addiction and how it affects the person to guide them to treatment. Our counselors are standing by with years of experience to share with you in Shediac.

Shediac Drug Rehab – About Addiction

The truth about addiction is not that complex to recognize. It often begins with some life trauma, a failure, an emotional or physical pain, and a thousand other reasons. Most people, when faced with some difficult life issues, have ways to deal with them and continue. While others will not be able to solve it, and the pain lingers and may even get worse. This can become unbearable or paralyzing to a point where relief is searched out until found.

Some ask their physician in Shediac to prescribe some meds. This usually does not fix the situation. It’s not long before the person finds that drugs or alcohol numbs out the unwanted feeling. This action, when continued, can develop into an addiction. The only way out is with professional addiction counseling. Call our referral counselor, who will help locate an affordable treatment program in New Brunswick.


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