Help for Private Addiction Treatments

We are not a drug rehab center but offer our help to find affordable treatment centers for families. If you have been looking for a Dauphin drug rehab center in public access, you most likely came across waitlists for admission. Unfortunately, it is that way for funded programs.

We have more than two decades of experience working in this field. We know what is offered out there. We also know that not two rehabs are the same. We have come to know affordable recovery centers with good, sound programs, and we can help you. The center you choose may not be in Dauphin, but it will be a good program for the person you want to help.

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Dauphin Drug Rehab Centers – Referral Counselors

Although one can do all that is possible to stop trafficking, the real problem is doing something to help those stuck in substance abuse. Here at Addiction Referral and Consultation Services, we recognize the daily pain that relatives and friends in Dauphin face. That’s why we offer our service in Manitoba.

If you have a loved one struggling with substance abuse, you can count on us to be there. Our referral counselors have worked with parents and the addicted, giving them help across Canada. Your situation is important; we want to help with solutions and options to save your loved one.

Drug Addiction in Dauphin

Drugs and alcohol abuse in Dauphin can seem to be a minor issue, but it is a real issue for families in the midst of it.

It only takes that one overdose or criminal arrest, not to mention the generated turmoil. Mind-altering substances tend to alter a person’s behavior and mental state. This alteration causes a lowered response time, a drop in the ability to differentiate right from wrong, irresponsibility and maybe half a dozen other factors.

Approaching to Help

A Loved One in Need

Often,  we are asked by family members in Dauphin or elsewhere the best way to talk to a loved one about their addiction. The method of approach can be as varied as there are addiction issues. Each situation is different, but there is a protocol that one can follow as an overall rule. Most important is to realize that an addicted person suffers not only from drugs or alcohol but also an accumulation of guilt and shame.

So, you need to hold off on any finger-pointing or conversation that includes any make wrong. The person needs a friendly voice, someone they feel comfortable opening up and talking to. Get your information from reliable sources on drugs or alcohol, speak with a counselor, and have a plan in play. In most cases, the best preparation is to have a treatment plan and a selected treatment center ready for your loved one.

Dauphin Drug Rehab Facilities – Private Treatments

When the time is just right, you can get their agreement to seek professional help from an addiction treatment center in Canada. Having a private drug rehab set up will permit you to get your loved one arrived within a day or two.

The most common error from parents and friends in Dauphin is to wait for time to fix things. Thinking that it’s just a phase or that your son or daughter can stop on their own is dangerous. None of these will truly address the problem, of course. Don’t wait for the inevitable to happen; emergency ward or criminal arrest or worse. Call today and get support from an addiction referral counselor and stop your search for a Dauphin drug rehab program.


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