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Before you make a move in placing your loved one in any Paradise treatment center, call us. Take the time to speak with an experienced referral counselor servicing Paradise residents. You may be experiencing the drama of living with or being close to someone who is struggling with some form of substance abuse. The lies and betrayals, the dishonesty and anxieties that surround one who abuses mind-altering drugs can be quite trying.

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Paradise Treatment Centers & Referral Counselors

Though you may know of some public-access addiction treatment programs in Paradise or near you who offer support. Maybe you have heard of a detox or rehab but is this the right choice for you or your loved one? This is where an experienced referral counselor can be of great service to you. Our counselors have a long working understanding of the subject and realize that each person has their own issues and particular needs. This is what we do; we help put you in contact with the most suited drug rehab in Newfoundland or elsewhere servicing Paradise.

The Referral Process: What we do

One of the things you can count on is how a referral counselor works for you in this process. When you call us you will be given a general assessment and an overall substance abuse evaluation. This will permit the referral counselor to propose the best treatment program that fits your needs and situation. We recognize that each person suffering from street drug or prescription meds or alcohol abuse have their own underlying issues.

Drug Addiction & Solutions

Most individuals who abuse these substances are also dealing with some underlying problem. This can be as varied as there are people afflicted with substance abuse. The main reason for this is that drugs and alcohol numb out the source of the problem, at least for a short time. But the drug wears off, more of the substances are used and this rapidly turns into an addiction. Only professional detox and addiction counseling can bring an end to this condition. Let us work together and start the process toward permanent recovery.


Paradise Treatment Centers: When to Act

An important part of addressing addiction is knowing when the right time is to act. This is a point that many parents and relatives in Paradise do not recognize. The point to act is the moment you notice that your loved one is exhibiting changes in behavior. When they start isolating themselves from the family. Or when you have seen them taking a mind-altering substance to the point of overdoing it. The extra wine bottle, a glass of liquor, weed after work, coke on weekends, and then on weekdays. Though the person may state it’s under control, tell them to see what happens if they stop for 5 days or so… if they can.

Waiting any longer is inviting legal issues, medical problems, or worse. Better to be ahead of the game and on top of the problem. If you want the services of a Paradise treatment center with immediate admission, call us for a referral to well-reputed private drug rehab.

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