Private Drug Rehabs Ontario

Affordable Private Rehabs in Ontario

We find affordable private rehabs in Ontario and across the country. If you have a relative or a friend suffering from substance misuse and need guidance to help them, we can assist. There are various options and a variety of private treatment centers in Ontario.

For immediate personalized one-on-one service, your referral counselor is standing by to receive your call. With over twenty years of experience in the field, we understand your issues and will help you through them.

Another option is public access services. Please consult our Provincial Help page containing their coordinates.

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Affordable Drug Rehabs in Ontario

Referral Service What to Expect When You Call

Confidential and courteous support and information are what you receive from your experienced referral counselors. They will do a general assessment and a substance abuse severity evaluation. This action will permit the referral counselor to guide you to affordable private rehabs in Ontario suited to your needs.

Our referral counselors have

  • Worked in drug and alcohol detox and rehabilitation since early 2000.
  • Helped countless people reach their program goals for more than 20 years,
  • Keen personal insight into addiction from their own experience,
  • Worked closely with families in offering their help and consultation, bringing peace of mind and hope to Canadians every week.

Visit our BBB page for reviews. You can also read more about us here.

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Drug and Alcohol Recovery Ontario

What is the Right Service?

Not every individual needs a residential drug or alcohol rehab center. Depending on the degree of addiction, one can determine the best option for the person. When one is still functional but feels their usage is slowly becoming a problem, outpatient treatment or an addiction counselor may be enough. Follow this link for an addiction counselor in Ontario.

As part of the current social and economic changes, we’ve expanded our service line to include an online coaching service. Our coaching sessions are virtual one-on-one meetings with a certified Drug and Alcohol Treatment Specialist in the comfort of your home anywhere in Ontario. If this interest you, you can find more about this service here. You can read what people say about the program.

Affordable Private Rehabs in Ontario

Alternate Options for Treatments in Ontario

Your counselor knows that the right private rehab in Ontario is a crucial step in recovery. In our experience, the person’s ideology, lifestyle, and needs should be considered when choosing a treatment program.

There is a wide range of treatment methods, such as 12-step, cognitive behavioral therapy, disciplinary, and faith-based, to name a few. Our task is to propose an approach that makes sense to you and addresses your needs.

You can find the following addiction treatments in Ontario and throughout Canada.

  • Detox: regular non-medical assisted withdrawal
  • Medical detox: medically assisted for people with health issues or drugs requiring medical tapering.
  • Addiction counseling or outpatient programs: for light cases
  • Inpatient treatments (residential, long, and short-term)

You can find more on the types of drug and alcohol treatment methods available in Canada 

Your referral counselor will put you in contact with the intake counselor of your chosen private treatment center. They will also ensure that the rehab in Ontario fits your budget and particular time frame.

Helping Someone

Affordable Private Rehabs in Ontario

Wanting to help the person is a good decision. Therefore, our service to you includes choosing and connecting you to the right program for the person.

Time is the next vital factor. Looking for a rehab center in Ontario adds more time to this issue. Instead, you can call now and get the process started. Talk to your experienced referral counselors today servicing Canadian residents.

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