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Choices in Public Access and Private Drug Rehab Centres

At Addiction Referral and Consultation Services, we offer answers, guidance, and help in drug addiction. We provide a referral service to affordable private drug rehab centres in Ontario and across the country. If your family struggles with a dependency and don’t know how to proceed, we can assist. There are various options and a wide variety of treatment centres in Ontario. Families often contact the local drug and alcohol treatment services to find out that there is a waitlist. This situation exists for several reasons. Public access treatment programs are accessible but will ask for a good amount of perseverance and determination. A centre may require a referral from a Healthcare practitioner like a family doctor or an addiction counsellor. In all cases, the referral note from Health professionals can only speed up the process. Each province has its hotline or in-province help for drug and alcohol addiction.

Treatment Programs in Ontario

Ontario is the second-largest province in Canada. It has more than 14.5 million inhabitants. How many of these are addicted to street drugs, abusing medications, or misusing alcohol? In the province, close to 10% of the population use substances problematically, according to CMHA.

Nonetheless, the real issue is not so much the number of people struggling but the available solutions. Just as our Healthcare system has wait time at Emergency, most rehab centres in the Ontario public sector have a waitlist. Unfortunately, however, and most often, it is not a successful action to put addiction on hold. Fortunately, there are affordable private treatment programs in Canada.

Acting & Addiction Signs

When people fall victim to drugs, they slip away from us, seem disconnected, and start acting differently. The user begins to have difficulty seeing what is right and wrong, their responsibility level falls. In some cases, this can happen over a more extended period and is not necessarily observable until the condition is advanced. It can also happen so fast that within a short time, you know there is something wrong. In either case, the fact that you can notice changes is a tell-tale sign that something is wrong and something needs to happen.

Drug Rehabs & Referral Service: What to Expect

Moreover, confidential and courteous support is what you receive from our experienced referral counsellors. They will ask questions to grasp better the situation you or your loved one is living in. They will do a general substance abuse evaluation. From your answers, they will be able to help guide you to the right private rehab centres in Ontario or elsewhere.

Choosing the Right Treatment Centre in Ontario

When one decides to stop drug or alcohol abuse, the next crucial step is choosing a suitable facility. However, Ontario offers various treatment options and different prices to suit a range of income. Knowing which is best suited to your loved one is vital. Not all treatment methods are identical. There exist a wide range of approaches to treat illicit drug addiction, medication abuse, and alcoholism.

Ontario Drug Rehabs – Private Sector

Ontario has several treatment programs to choose from, and some are inexpensive and successful. Not only are there religious-based treatments or the 12-step method, but also cognitive therapy and outpatient treatments. Also, some centres have a wide range of supportive methods available such as art therapy, equine therapy, and a host of others.

Helping Someone – The Right Treatment Centre

Wanting to help the person is a good decision. However, you should know what is available and which one is best suited to the person in question. For example, some people are not comfortable with faith or religious-based programs. The typical approach to rehabilitation is the 12-step method. However, this may not be suited or productive for that person.

Therefore, our service to you in Ontario includes choosing the right program for the person to ensure sobriety. With a wide variety of treatment programs across the country, it’s pretty sure we can find one suited to your needs. Time is the next vital factor. Don’t spend it looking for a rehab centre in Ontario or add more time to this urgent issue. Instead, call now and get the process started. Make the call and talk to one of our experienced referral counsellors today.


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