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Call our toll-free number for anyone in Bradford, Ontario, seeking help for a loved one’s addiction. An experienced addiction referral counsellor specializing in private treatment programs will help you. We provide assessment, substance abuse evaluation, and referral services for people looking for rehab services. Call us if you are searching for a Bradford drug rehab center and getting nowhere. There are excellent and affordable treatment centers available.

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Looking for a Bradford Drug Rehab Center

Anyone learning of the struggles of their child or spouse will seek help. Much of the problem is in the way to proceed with getting assistance. If you are like most families, you search the internet. Some will call their physician, while others seek advice from friends. But there are many facilities to choose from with different programs and not all work for everyone. The drug or alcohol rehab service depends on the severity of the addiction and other factors.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Bradford

What is the Right Rehab Service?

Some people in Bradford may not need the assistance of a residential treatment center. For instance, when a recreational user starts using more frequently. Even though they are functional in everyday affairs, an addiction counsellor or an outpatient program can be the right service.

An online coaching service can also be the right procedure for that case. It is a one-on-one service with a Drug and Alcohol Treatment Specialist in your home in Bradford. If you think the service is for you, read more about its structure and prerequisites here. There are testimonies of its successes here

Drug Rehab Bradford

More Options

As mentioned above, outpatient services, addiction counselling, and coaching sessions are for someone who hasn’t lost total control. But when the problem is more serious in Bradford, there are these services:

  • Medical Detox Centers

But a hardcore alcoholic and certain other drug users may require a medical detox. Detoxing from certain substances can be physically demanding and sometimes life-threatening. Moreover, depending on the physical situation, a person with a medical condition may need this service.

  • Residential Drug and Alcohol Rehab

There are two major types of residential drug rehab centers. One is a short-term program, a 21 to 28 day-stay, and a long-term treatment is anywhere from 40-day to a year.

A residential center is a live-in service, a well-structured and closed environment. Most private rehabs in Ontario offer detox as part of their program. Families can avoid searching for detox and then drug or alcohol rehab centers.

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Bradford Drug Rehab & Family Help

Overwhelming Families

In Bradford, families can be overwhelmed when the addiction takes a serious turn. A happy, peaceful life turns quickly into sleepless nights and worried days. That is why it’s also vital to seek help and support for yourself and other family members. The Al-Anon and Na-Anon Groups are there to help families dealing with addiction.

You can visit their site to find meetings in or near Bradford. (See at the bottom of the page)

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Bradford

Alcohol and Drug Intervention

The first step is to talk to the person. There are certain ways to approach a person that have seen success. We have a series on Interventions for families to read. This particular article can guide you; it’s called Overcoming Addiction.

However, when someone refuses to acknowledge a problem, no matter how patient you have been, it’s time to plan a drug or alcohol intervention. Or it’s time to call a professional to Bradford.

Be sure to find the appropriate rehab beforehand, and everything is set up. An addicted person can quickly change their mind while they wait. Most private centers are associated with interventionists.

Bradford Drug Rehab & ARC Services

When you Call

When you call from Bradford, our referral counsellor will ask questions about the person’s situation. From your answers, they will determine the level of addiction and be able to guide you.

They will give you the next step you can take with the person. Or, they can get the appropriate drug rehab center in Canada to contact you in Bradford. Another center can be suggested and contacted for you if the chosen centre doesn’t work out.

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1 888-488-8434
Toll-free Number

If you are looking for public access beds, visit ConnexOntario for a comprehensive directory of treatment services.

Need help for yourself concerning someone’s addiction? Go to Al-Anon or Alateen‘s website, or Nar-Anon‘s for meetings near you.


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