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When dealing with a family member with substance abuse issues, there are certain actions to take. At Addiction Referral & Consultation Services, you can get the support to do those actions. You can reach a referral counselor if you dial our number, and get the process started. The first step is to talk with someone familiar with the subject matter. Our qualified referral counselors have many years of working with addicts and families from all walks of life. If your search for a Fergus drug rehab center is not panning out, we have options for affordable private treatment centers.

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Fergus Drug Rehab – Second Step

The next step would be to decide to do something about it. But this requires some knowledge about addiction and treatment programs in Ontario or elsewhere. Whether this is an addiction to street drugs, alcohol overuse, or prescription medication abuse, it is the same. If you need help in Fergus, call us.


It usually begins with the person struggling with some painful or unwanted life conditions. These can be as varied as there are abusers. Any major failure, death of a close relative, a breakup, and many other situations will do. Without a means to deal with it, the person is now stuck. The only solution left is to seek relief, which alcohol and other drugs offer. Though once the effect wears off, the issue returns. More and more substances are taken, and this always results in addiction. Professional addiction counseling is the only proven method of treatment.

Referral Service & Private Treatment Program

Living in Fergus, one may think there is no drug or alcohol problem. Unfortunately, drugs and alcohol do not discriminate. They affect a person struggling with a life situation that has no immediate solution. With mild use of illicit drugs, a person can, with willpower, stop on their own. But this is not the case for heavy users; they cannot kick the habit. A referral addiction counselor will help guide you through the process.

They present options available for private treatment centers across Canada, some servicing Fergus. All calls to our counselors are confidential and treated with courtesy. You and your loved one are important to us, as we know the seriousness of addiction to mind-altering substances. The amount of damage that results from a relative’s misuse can be widespread, and consequences can be devastating.

 Father, daughter and addiction treatment.

Fergus Drug Rehab – Call to Action

Something is wrong, and you recognize that you need to act. At Addiction Referral & Consultation Services, our counselors are here for you and your loved one. We will work with you to find the most appropriate drug rehab serving Fergus. The wrong thing to do is nothing. You have obviously noticed things are not going well in Fergus, with your child, or spouse. Waiting to act will only encourage more destruction. Call now and speak with our referral counselor and get things going toward recovery. We care, and so do you, together we can help those who do not.

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If you are looking for public access beds in Fergus, visit ConnexOntario, they have a complete directory of available centers.