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If you’re seeking help for a relative’s addiction to drugs or alcohol in the Guelph area, then call 1-888-488-8434. At Addiction Referral & Consultation Services, our efforts are in guiding you and your loved one to a suitable private detox and treatment center. We understand how difficult this time can be for a parent or a spouse. When a child or a spouse is abusing mind-altering substances, the future looks bleak. But you are not alone; our referral counselors can guide you to affordable substance abuse treatment programs. Your search for a Guelph drug rehab center can end here by calling us.

Guelph Drug Rehab Centers & Addiction

Most people, when caught with some unwanted pain or condition, whether it’s physical or emotional, will look for relief. No one wants to endure amounts of pain or unwanted emotions without finding a solution. But when it seems to linger on or doesn’t heal, then the substance used becomes the answer. This is when addiction becomes a reality and a daily affair. Often the person may not see it; their only attention is on their next fix.

Addiction Referrals & Consultation – Referral Counselors

You, as a relative in Guelph, must recognize that this is a serious issue, and it will not just magically go away. Addiction to heroin, methamphetamine abuse, or medication misuse only worsens. Dealing with the issue at some later date is only adding problems to the existing scene. You need to act fast. Speak with one of our referral counselors; they have many years of experience in the field of substance abuse. Each has helped countless families find reputed drug treatment programs in Ontario or other provinces. The way we can assist you may not be clear, so it’s best if you call and speak with our referral addiction counselor.

Guelph Treatment Centers & Referrals

Guelph has its fair share of illicit drug trafficking as with many other cities. But that is for law enforcement. What we’re focused on is helping families find peace of mind, hope, and solutions to a disruptive problem. When a loved one opens up and asks for help, you need to respond. You may have searched your local addiction center in Guelph, and you possible hit a dead-end. If this is the case, we are here for you. Our referral counselor will do a general assessment of the situation and a substance abuse evaluation. With this information, he or she will be able to propose solutions that fit your means and concerns.

Guelph Drug Rehab & Private Treatment Programs

It’s a fact that there are affordable private drug rehabs in Canada. And we are confident that there is one that is just right for you or your relative. You have the power to make a difference in someone’s life in Guelph, but you need to make the first move. Call today, and talk to a referral counselor, find out what options are available to you. Get the vital information that will make a difference.


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To find support for yourself about someone’s drinking problem, visit Guelph & Wellington Community Information Database to find an Al-Anon meeting near you.

If you need support for someone’s drug abuse, visit Nar-Anon Ontario‘s website for meetings.