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If you are looking for a Kingston drug rehab center call 1-888-488-8434. Our referral counselors can help find an affordable private treatment center. We know how difficult it gets for a family when a loved one’s substance abuse is out of hand. Our referral counselors do not represent any rehab facility. They will give you the best treatment options for your situation. Their years of experience in the field of rehabilitation can be a definite asset to you.

Drug Addiction Treatment in Kingston

One of the barriers to overcome when living in Kingston is being put on a waiting list for detox or residential treatment programs. When someone is struggling with an addiction to street drugsprescription meds or alcohol  they cannot be put on hold. The condition will only get worse as time goes by. So waiting is not really an option but it is something encountered by most families looking for funded programs. In a situation like this most addict will get discouraged and go back to using. Contrary to what most people believe, private drug rehabs can be affordable and do not have waiting lists.

Kingston Drug Rehab & Substance Abuse

Whether in Kingston or anywhere else in Ontario, drug and alcohol addiction is a personal issue. An addict is suffering from unwanted physical or emotional pain or discomfort. This situation has no immediate resolution. Searching for a solution, eventually the person will discover that drugs bring temporary relief. When the effects wear off the pain or discomfort returns. The person will use again as it does temporarily solve the problem.

The body becomes accustomed and higher doses are needed to get the same relief, this is called tolerance. As this progresses the person will require more of the substance. At this point addiction counseling in a professional residential drug rehab center is needed. An outpatient treatment program is not enough to help the person back to a drug free life.

Kingston Drug Rehab Programs & Referral Counselor

Coming off certain drugs and alcohol can be difficult and cause pain and discomforts. This is one of the reasons a person may need detox before the actual substance abuse recovery program can start. To determine what substance abuse recovery option is best suited to the situation call our referral counselor. Various options are available.

  • Medical detox, regular withdrawal or no withdrawal,
  • Short-term or long-term addiction treatment facility
  • Traditional or alternative holistic rehabs

There are many different drug addiction treatment approaches but knowing which is best suited to your situation requires knowledge in the field.

Kingston Drug Rehab Centers Help & Consultation

With many years of experience working directly with addicts of all ages and backgrounds, throughout Canada, our addiction counselors know the subject. To hope things will get better or waiting for the addict to grow out of this phase is not going to work. Anyone struggling with drug addiction will tell you that it only gets worse, always.

Don’t wait for the police to intervene or for the emergency room to deal with the addict, or worse. Stop your search for a Kingston drug rehab center and call our referral counselor, you can make a difference in someone’s life; just make the call today.



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