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Don’t wait for your loved one to hit rock bottom with their addiction. Call Addiction Referral & Consultation Services today. Speak with an experienced substance abuse referral counselor that services Leamington residents. They will find an inexpensive private treatment center. Our counselors have worked with families and facilities for many years and have help people across the country. If you are searching for a Leamington drug rehab center with quick admission and getting nowhere, call us.

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Addiction Referral & Consultation Services

When you call us, our counselors will answer any questions you may have about your treatment options. First, in Leamington, there are two avenues to choose from for drug rehabilitation like anywhere else. One is the public sector, and the other is private treatment programs. We specialize in the private treatment sector. Paid for programs usually have quick admission, and the price range can accommodate most families. There exists a wide variety of approaches to recover from substance abuse and live a drug-free life.

There is a treatment program for each person living with an addiction to street drugsmedication abuse, or overconsumption of alcohol. Our referral addiction counselors can help guide you to the program most suited to your needs and situation. First, our counselors will do a general case assessment and substance evaluation. With this information, they can provide options to proper facilities that will address the actual addiction and the underlying causes.

Leamington Drug Rehab Centers – Private or Public

You may have already contacted your local Leamington treatment center, and you may or may not have been serviced. But if not, you should consider private rehab facilities. These will have similar programs with the added personalized treatment schedule. There are many affordable private treatment programs in Ontario servicing your area.

Added Time for Rehab

Adding too much time is the leading problem families face with addiction in Leamington. If you know that your daughter, son, or spouse suffer from a dependency on drugs or alcohol, you should act fast. Often when unnecessarily added time, the person who recently stated wanting help will recant. When the person is coming down from the drug or sobering up from a drinking spree, the substance’s loss throughout the system causes withdrawal. This stage can be tough on the person. Shakes, tremors, aches and pains, sweats, nervousness, anxieties are just some of the effects of coming off drugs, alcohol, and medication. Some can even be life-threatening!


Leamington Drug Rehabs & Wasted Time

It is essential when your loved one voices wanting help that you act rapidly. Our referral addiction counselors understand this and can have your loved one in contact with an intake counselor the same day. We have seen the person going into the facility on the same day or the day after. The point is, you can change a person’s life in Leamington. Just call and start the process; you have all to gain and little to lose. There are affordable drug rehab centers in Canada. Call now.

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If you are looking for a public-access center, go to this website: ConnexOntario