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Finding help in the private sector for a loved one struggling with addiction in Lindsay is but a phone call away. This will immediately connect you to one of our experienced addiction referral counselors from Addiction Referral & Consultation Services. It’s one thing to realize your son or daughter is abusing mind-altering substances and another to find the right treatment program. You most likely attempted to speak to them about their consumption or change in behavior. Their response probably was “what are you talking about?” as if nothing was wrong.

That reaction is all you need to know; it is the first glimpse at denial. Something is obviously wrong or out of place with the person. Yet, their first reaction is to turn this towards you as if you are the one mistrusting and delusional. If you need a Lindsay drug rehab center and want private, give us a call.

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Addiction on the Body

Drugs and alcohol do not change only the physical aspects of a person but their personality as well. In Lindsay, getting a person to see they need help is vital and demands some basic skills. When street drugs, alcohol, or medication are misused, there are consequences.

The first affected is the body, a well-constructed organism that requires various nutrients such as proteins, minerals, and vitamins. Street drugs, alcohol, or medication abuse are poisonous to the body. When abused, a defense mechanism kicks in to fight the toxicants, causing depletion of nutrients and creating physical reactions. This opens the door to all kinds of unhealthy conditions and complicated situations. With drugs in the bloodstream, temporary shut down occurs like unconsciousness, and the body simply lies limp. In more severe cases, the body overdoses, lowering breathing and heart rate, requiring medical intervention, and is often fatal.

Addiction & the Mind – Lindsay Drug Rehab

As for the mind, it is what we think with and use to solve problems. Its good functioning is indispensable if we want to survive and make sound decisions. One of the things mind-altering substances do is ALTER the mind.

These have an accumulative effect on the body and the mind. Even when the person is not under the influence, they find that they are not as sharp as they use to be. The IQ falls, ambition and life goals are not as important to them.

Lindsay Drug Rehab – Referral Counselors

Lindsay is not much different than other cities with regards to illicit drugs, alcohol, or medication abuse. Dealers and trafficker find their way into communities because there are potential clients. So, if your son, daughter, or spouse is suffering from abuse to mind-altering substances, take effective action today.

The best measure is to speak with someone who knows the subject. An addiction referral counselor is such a person. Get informed, find solutions, and hope for a treatment center in Ontario serving Lindsay. Call and speak with a referral counselor and get the process started. It’s what we do.

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