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Private Treatment Programs

To get assistance in locating a reputed private drug rehab in Norfolk County call our toll-free number. Our referral counselors will work with you to get your loved one in a treatment facility most suited to their needs. Here at Addiction Referral & Consultation Service, we understand the familial and personal issues associated with a relative’s substance abuse.

So if you are looking for a Norfolk County drug rehab center with quick admission and a good reputation give us a call.

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Information on Addiction and Rehabilitation

The fact that a person in Norfolk County or anywhere else, who is addicted to mind-altering substances will create many upsets. The betrayals, lies, and a host of other emotions will bring about chaos. This is often the result of a lack of understanding of drug addiction. Finding the proper information means digging for hours with no certainty that the data is correct. But when you talk with one of our referral addiction counselors, he or she will simplify the issue. You will feel calm and more in control over the existing situation. In short, you will have a friend in time of need helping you get that person to a rehab center in Canada.

Norfolk County Drug & Alcohol Treatments

Whether in Norfolk County or some other part of the province, help from a referral counselor is the way to go. Our referral counselors have worked in the field of substance abuse for a great many years and understand the issues at hand. When you contact us, we will first get a general assessment of the existing situation. Based on this information we will propose options for a suitable private treatment program in Ontario or elsewhere.

Norfolk County Treatment & Communication

One key factor, once a person admits needing help or when you discover they are struggling with substance abuse, is communication. Most people tend to point out the dangers of drugs, though true, it does not open discussion.

The most productive thing you can do is to listen to what your loved one has to say. Do not tell them how wrong their action is and do not judge. You will gain more agreement and acceptance if you listen and understand their issues. For more information, you can speak with our referral counselor.

 Husband & sad wife needing a rehab.

Doing Something
Norfolk County Drug & Alcohol Rehab

As a resident of Norfolk County, you may think that you have some time to deal with drug addiction. From experience, doing something now not later has given fruitful results. As a parent, your relative cannot wait to receive professional addiction counseling.

The time to handle is the moment they reach out or when things get out of control. Any added time only opens the door to more suffering, legal or health trouble, or worse. Gives us a call and do what is needed.

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Norfolk County drug rehab facilities

These are some public-access beds in the County:

Holmes House
Located in Simcoe Ontario.
Offer a no-cost withdrawal management service in a residential setting.
Support is offered 24-hours per day, year-round. A 21-day co-ed treatment program is also available for those who need it. They also provide Residential Withdrawal Management.

Native Horizons Treatment Center
Located in Mississaugas of The New Credit First Nation Reserve.
The center provides a free residential treatment program in a small co-ed setting for First Nations People.