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Private Treatment Facilities

Just like other cities in Ontario, Orillia also has its problem with substance abuse. We specialize in affordable private treatment centers across Canada. To receive help finding an Orillia drug rehab facility with quick admission, call out number. You will connect with Addiction Referral & Consultation Services; a referral counselor will take your call and help you and your relative.

We understand the trouble and difficulties that street drugs, alcohol, and medication abuse can bring. Our referral counselors have many years of experience in the field of substance abuse. They are available to work with you to put real solutions into action.

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Community Substance Abuse Treatments

You probably called your community addiction centers, and there is a chance that you found some help. Most likely, you were left with more questions and no immediate applicable solution. The downside of the public-access treatment programs is the waiting lists and the red tape for admission. When a loved one needs help with addiction, putting them on hold is the best idea.

Addiction Referral & Consultation Services for Orillia

The one thing that is most troublesome about finding help is to locate the right treatment program. The professional assistance of our counselors will assist in pinpointing the most appropriate private drug rehab for your son, daughter, or spouse. Deciding to get help and finding the right program can be complicated steps to overcome.

This is part of our services to you. Our fundamental purpose is to work with you and propose the best option for private drug rehabilitation suited to your loved one’s needs and situation.

Orillia Drug Rehab & our Counselor can Help

Our counselors have contacts with a wide variety of private drug rehabs in Ontario, and each one can service residents of Orillia. He or she will deliver a general assessment followed by a substance evaluation. This will permit us to present options in receiving a good private recovery program. You should know that there are dozens of treatment approaches.

Some places will be faith-based programs; others will be geared more towards a disciplinary procedure. Some facilities consider the chemical imbalance as the means to help addiction by exchanging one drug for another. The main point is to speak with someone who can work with you in Orillia, and get our concerns answered.

 Husband & sad wife needing a rehab.

Orillia Drug Rehab Facilities &  our Service

Another critical point is not to wait longer than needed to seek help for a relative struggling with illicit drugs or alcohol. You need to act and get the process started. Take the time now and call our referral service today. Help is just a phone call away. Adding time will only add more suffering and anxiety to one and all in Orillia. Dial the number below and start the process towards sobriety.

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1 888-488-8434
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If you are looking for public-access treatment, there is Seven South Street a treatment center for men only.
7 South Street,
Orillia, ON L3V 3T1
Phone: 705-325-3566

Or go to ConnexOntario to find the nearest treatment center.