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The referral counselors at Addiction Referral & Consultation Services can help residents of Pembroke find affordable private treatment centers. Dial our toll-free number and get immediate assistance. Our counselors have nearly twenty years of experience in the field of substance abuse, including alcohol and prescription medication. If you are looking for a Pembroke drug rehab center in the private sector, call us.

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Addiction and Treatment Programs

Whether your loved one is struggling with an addiction to street drugs, prescription med abuse, or alcohol misuse, we can help. Pembroke is not immune to the ravaging effects of illicit drug trafficking. That person you want to help may simply have been in the wrong place at the wrong time. Most likely, they suffer from some life conditions that became a problem. Whatever the situation, it’s easy for a person to find relief in some mind-altering substance. Drugs and alcohol are numbing agents, and they do numb the issue, whatever it might be. Unfortunately, because the effect is temporary, more is taken, and it can, over time, turn into a dependency. And your search for a treatment program in Pembroke starts.

Pembroke Drug Rehab – Public

Though some think they can do it on their own, the condition is only treated adequately with professional addiction counseling. We work with a good number of private drug rehabs in Ontario, which can safely help your relative regain sobriety. Some families in Pembroke choose the public sector, and that is one option. Maybe you found out that there are inevitable setbacks with this choice. In most cases, there is a long waitlist, and the admission process is lengthy. Sometimes that can’t be the course of action.

Pembroke Treatment Centers – Private

In the private sector, your loved one can be admitted within twenty-four to thirty-six hours of contacting the intake counselor. You can also expect a tailored program suited to their needs and situation also a higher ratio of counselors per resident. The environment will be conducive to recovery with different activities to help the individual with their sobriety. There may not be a private treatment program directly in Pembroke. But with many recovery programs across Canada, we know we can find something to suit your situation.


Addiction Referral & Consultation Services for Pembroke

Our referral counselors will do a general assessment and overall substance abuse evaluation regarding the present situation in Pembroke. All communication is strictly confidential. With correct information on hand, he or she will be able to propose options for treatment. We will also answer your questions about recovery, addiction, detox, intervention services, and more.

There is no obligation; our intent is to help guide you to good affordable detox centers and rehab services. We understand how difficult this represents to you in Pembroke. None of our counselors have a direct tie to any of the private facilities we associate with across the country. Our counselors will direct you in an unbiased manner to the best treatment facility for your situation.

Pembroke Drug Rehab Center Help

Throughout the years of practice, we have a good idea of what is offered. We also know about addiction and its destructive nature. Not all treatment programs or treatment centers are the same. We want to share this information with you before any decision you make in Pembroke. Do not wait until things get way out of control. You have the power to change someone’s life now.

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